How Are Rugged Computers Helping The Construction Industry


People at a construction site


Construction sites have harsh conditions that are a threat to both the workers and the technological devices. Most of the time, heavy machinery or adverse working conditions destroy those devices. Rugged computers withstand these challenges; they work after dropping several times. They are impervious to dust, water, or high temperatures. They apply even to the riskiest construction projects. Therefore, revolutionizing the construction industry by making the workers work more efficiently, to save on costs and time. Discussed below are some of the activities done using the rugged computer.


1. Underwater Excavation

Constructing an underwater tunnel through hard rocks is a tough job. It needs exactness, concrete planning, and reliable technology like rugged computers. Rugged computers are waterproof, so they are used to conduct an automated survey by taking angle measurements, distances, and coordinates. From these rugged computers, the construction crew can command an explosive of the hard rocks. They can also control the drilling directly from the rugged computers.


2. Ensures Safe Construction

Construction sites have high accident risks meaning accidents are prone to happen. The construction crew can use the rugged computers to read the soil and rock conditions. It is a risky activity. Therefore, companies that make rugged field computers like CP Technologies ensure that they come with geotechnical instruments. These devices make sure the crew is safe. If the workers safely obtain the required measurements, they will have correct construction estimations to avoid unnecessary repairs once the construction is over.


3. Accurate Laying Out The Site

Accuracy is crucial when carrying out construction activities. To create reliable references while building, construction crews layout the site before starting construction. They also use the site layout to make sure that the building happens according to the plan. A single laborer can do the site layout using rugged computers. This role used to be done by many people before the incorporation of rugged computers. Moreover, one rugged tablet is enough to do all the site laying and supervision. Therefore, it is economical.


4. Quick Response To Incidents

Rugged computers aid in communication between the crew and the project manager. They allow the project manager to supervise and track the crew members. The rugged computers also categorize the crewmen according to their qualifications. Therefore, the project manager can make sure that only qualified workers undertake high-risk duties. If there is an accident, the crew can quickly inform the responsible personnel through the rugged tablets. Moreover, rugged computers can store information about personal medical records. In case of an emergency or injury, this information is easily accessible.


5. Managing the Construction

Rugged PDAs and tablets have apps and software that help in construction management. Rugged computers are very efficient when it comes to managing complex construction projects. They also have many operating systems like Windows, allowing the crew managers to choose their preferred software apps. On this app, the crew stores load of information like:

  • Working schedules
  • Budget plans and bank statements
  • Working materials records
  • Work plans
  • Architectural designs
  • Laborers' records

It allows the managers to access any information instantly. It also allows them to send images to the crew to communicate effectively. In addition to photos, they can also send emails and invoices. Most importantly, crew managers can track crew members' statuses and locations. Also, they can follow up on the construction vehicles and the delivery of construction materials.


6. Efficient Construction

Running construction using rugged computers ensures that it follows the schedule and the set budget. They also make sure that the construction equipment is delivered on time and stored well. These computer devices ensure that the crew is safe and doing their specific tasks. Most importantly, it caters to smooth communication during construction. It makes the project cheaper and streamlined.


7. They have Special Features

Construction crews can fit rugged tablets with features that increase their efficiency. It is possible to use the screen while wearing gloves. A crew manager can download various applications to keep up with the workload. Other important features include:

  • 3D images
  • GPS
  • 4g network connection
  • Material Inventories.
construction site


In conclusion, for risky and harsh construction conditions, it is advisable to incorporate rugged computers. They are efficient and ensure safety.