Cut-throat Demand: Housing Supply is the Major Challenge for Home Buyers


Home buyers are struggling with a major challenge: There's not enough supply. The housing market faces a potential shortage of rental homes, impacting the pool of available homes for sale. Unfortunately, not enough homes are being built to meet home buyers' current and future demands. This has led to increased competition among buyers, driving prices upward.

On average, housing production has historically lagged behind demand. This includes a lack of new construction in areas where demand is high. In communities across the country, local opposition to new housing can slow or even block development altogether.


The Pitfalls Of Decreased Housing Supply

People have been buying homes, but there are more pitfalls than ever before. Buying a home is the highest personal investment most people will ever make. It's also a complex process that can take months to complete and one that's fraught with frustration and anxiety for even the most seasoned home buyer.

Pitfall number one: not enough homes on the market. This has driven prices upward, making it more difficult for buyers to find a home that meets their needs and is within their budget.

Pitfall number two: increased competition among buyers. When fewer homes are available, buyers become more competitive, increasing prices.

Pitfall number three: long process with many steps. Buying a home is a complex process that can take months to complete and often involves frustration and anxiety for even the most seasoned home buyer.

people shaking hands in front of a house


The Solution?

There are several ways to increase the housing supply. One approach is to streamline the permitting process and reduce regulations that drive up the cost of new construction. Another strategy is to focus on building more affordable homes. This can be done through incentives for developers or by investing in public-private partnerships.

Whatever the solution, it is clear that increasing housing production is critical to addressing the current affordability crisis. By making it easier for people to buy homes, we can help families build stable lives and contribute to thriving communities.


Build More Homes

Housing production has to keep pace with demand. This includes new construction in areas where there is strong demand. One solution: local governments need to remove obstacles that prevent housing from being built, especially homes for sale at all price points. It's not an easy fix; it will take time and commitment, but the payoff could be substantial. With more supply on the market, everyone wins-home buyers can find their dream home within budget, stabilizing prices, creating a healthier economy overall while still allowing people the freedom to choose how they want to live.


What Steps Can We Take Now?

Bottom line: creating a larger housing supply is crucial to bringing down the cost of homes for home buyers. In that regard, it's time for our elected officials to rethink their opposition to increasing the housing supply. Unfortunately, high home prices' economic and social costs are too great, and the risk of failing to act is too high.

Many factors impact housing supply-ranging from restrictive zoning to archaic building regulations-but for these factors to change, we need influential people to take notice of this growing issue. In the meantime, you can do your part by increasing your home's supply whenever possible; if you're searching to "sell my house fast in Florida! Houses for Cash!" you need to look into the right steps to take to get the best offer.



This article was published on 01/04/22