Home Maintenance Checklist During Lockdown


We are in the midst of a pandemic not seen in over a hundred years in the world. Suddenly we've found ourselves locked within our house to fight the virus. Workplaces and shops have been closed, roads are empty and the whole exuberance of life has suddenly ended up in lockdown.

While we wait for the pandemic to subside, as we should keep busy and active while we live through the lockdown. There are many things we can do around the house during the lockdown to keep ourselves occupied.

We will discuss home maintenance work we can do during this lockdown.

Here we are with the checklist of some of the most important tasks to do. There are basically two aspects of home maintenance.

  • 1. Material
  • 2. Abstract



Material Checklist

The lockdown may last longer than we predict. Therefore, we need to be prepared for a few more months under this lockdown. We could very well be going through different seasons while we are in the lockdown. Let's go through the list of to-dos by seasons:



  • Inspect and repair the roof if there are damaged shingles or leaks.
  • You might need to change the air conditioner filter. Even the whole air conditioning system might need servicing.
  • As the winter is receding your window and door screens will need cleaning.
  • Look at your outdoor wood furniture. Do they need a stain touch up?
  • This is the time to get your gutters and downspouts free from leaves and debris leftover from before the winter.
  • If you want to have your lawn filled with lush green grass, you will need to work on fertilizing and seeding the lawn.
  • Your sink, shower, and bath caulking may need some attention.
  • Inspect the chimney for damages.
  • See if the water heater needs any draining or flushing.
  • The septic tank. A professional could inspect and pump.



What happens if the lockdown is extended till the end of summer? Let's consider what to do during that time.

  • The garage door opener, the garage door itself, and all door hinges need to be checked and recalibrated if needed.
  • Lint deposits inside or outside dryer vents or washer hoses. Remove them.
  • Your kitchen exhaust fan filter. That is waiting to be cleaned.
  • It's time you took a look at your refrigerator and freezer coils.
  • Does your dishwasher have leaks?
  • Also your bathroom and kitchen cabinets may have leaks.
  • Tile grouts. They might need sealing.
  • You can have so much fun with your lawnmower and keep your lawn look tidy. You might trim trees and shrubs around your property too.


    For the fall you have got lots of work to do as well. During the whole winter, there are fewer opportunities to fix some problems that you can do away with right now.

    • Leaves have fallen. They are over the lawn. Rake them.
    • Heating season is beginning. Forced-air heating system inspection is needed.
    • Get your fireplace ready for the whole season. Check if there are any issues or damage.
    • It's time you sealed all the gaps and cracks of your doors and windows before the winter sets in. You might caulk or weatherstrip them or entirely replace them.
    • See if your windows and siding need any power-washing.
    • It might be the proper time to get your gutters and downspouts free from leaves and debris.
    • Ever noticed the cracks and gaps in your driveway and walkway? Look into mending them.
    • The dryer vent may have lint. Vacuum clean it.
    • Got carpets? Time for a power carpet cleaning.
    • Squeaky handles and loose locks of doors are really bothering and winter might not give you the chance to fix them. Why not do it now?
    • Your water heater may have leaks. Get them fixed before the winter arrives.
    • Frayed cords and wires could be replaced right now.
    • Outdoor faucets and pipes in unheated garage need winterizing and insulation.


    Abstract Checklist

    Despite the above things to deal with, you have other jobs to do as a social being living in a family. The people-oriented activities are no less important. Families from all around the world are finding a new appreciation for family after hunkering down together.

    The basic idea is to fill the gap that secretly grew during the years of rush and struggle of daily life. Here are some of the ways you can make your lockdown time to reconnect and maintain those realtionships near to you.


    Give time to your family

    It is quite easy to spend hours of your day binge-watching Netflix or on social media. However, spending your days doing that will be a waste of an opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones while you have the time to reconnect now.

    The first thing, therefore, is to sit down with them. You don't have to ask any question. You be with them and listen to what they talk about, what they care about and what they fear and what they have to share with you. That's enough for you to know what you never thought you didn't know.


    Reduce the Distance

    Crisis makes a person soft, thoughtful and compromising Well, that's generally right. Many people are different! Take the chance and gradually talk about the problems you had with your spouse, children and other members. Just don't make the mistake to go for a closed-door session. Behavioral or social problems are better settled with the presence of other members of the family.


    Make a routine

    This might seem a bit academic, but lockdown time is not your vacation. You need to make the best use of the time and making a routine is the best way to ensure it. Of course there should be enough fun time and leisure hours in your routine.

    Every member of the family should follow their own routine and thereby make the whole lockdown a fun.


    A Helping Hand

    This is the perfect time for every member of the family to learn to do their own share of house chores. Now there is enough time to do one's own laundry, tidy up their rooms, and declutter their closets. Helping doesn't necessarily mean that you do their job. Guiding them to do their own household chores is a great way to help.


    The Whole Picture

    There hasn't been a better time for home maintenance. You have all the time you need and an army of family members in the house to tackle all the home maintenance jobs. Time to get the list done.



    This article was published on 04/28/2020.