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Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers

The season of Christmas is approaching with a rapid speed. People are busy buying gifts, as gifts and Christmas are inseparables. The streets are crowded with people. You can see people mingling around the shops and busy buying things. December 25 is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This celebration was and is originally related to the Christians but is celebrated by all the people globally. This festival, Christmas, is celebrates with loads of enjoyment and excitement. Christmas crackers are very famous and the favorites of the children.


Thomas Smith was the person who came up with the idea of Christmas crackers. During a visit to Paris, Thomas Smith, came across the bob-bon, a sugar almond wrapped in tissue paper. Thomas tried selling such wrapped sweets in the lead at other times of the year. He came up with an idea of including a slogan with the sweet. He started with simple love poems as most men bought them for gifting women. Later, he added two strips of chemically impregnated paper that made a loud sound on being pulled apart. At first, they were called as cosaques and then referred to as crackers. His idea was replaced by other manufacturers the idea of sweets to surprise gifts.

Crackers for Christmas

Christmas crackers or holiday poppers find their origin in British traditions. A small plastic toy snaps open when you pull them with a pop or bang. You are then presented with a surprise, which can be a smart gift, candy or funny jokes written on a paper. It is often that the tea table setting on Christmas and are very easy to make and inexpensive too. Children love crackers but fun part is not lost on adults too. You could make the crackers for children. You could make the crackers at home. You will need a toilet paper roll, crepe paper, ribbon, stickers, gold stars, pressed flowers and plastic beads for the decoration, small candies, small toys, confetti jokes, and messages for gifts. At first, you need to wrap the toilet paper roll in crepe paper with a hanging of about two inches on either side. Close the end by tying ribbon and gathering the crepe paper on one side. You can fill the roll with as many candies, toys, jokes and messages as you want for the treat. Gather the paper on the other end, tie ribbon around it, and decorate the cracker using your imagination with anything you find and like. The person who you will give will pull on both ends of the cracker to get their treats.

Homemade crackers

Christmas crackers are very popular and accompany many meals over this period, Christmas Day. Christmas cracker is a brightly colored paper tube, twist at both ends. There is a banger inside the cracker and when it is pulled by two people, the cracker snaps in half making a loud bang; it is an amazing that that could be ever invented as a prank. The traditional way of pulling a cracker is crossing your arms and pulling a whole circle of crackers all round the table. One holds their cracker in their right hand and pulls their neighbours cracker with the left hand. There goes, boom, pops out.