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Golf Bag is not only an accessory, it is an important part of your game. Choosing the right golf bag is exclusive to each person, depending on the style of play and how to approach the course. Some honest questions should be answered about your game in order to find the perfect bag for you. The variety of Golf Bag available in the market is unlimited.

The most fundamental question to consider is if you have a tendency to walk the course or use a cart. Bags that are designed for a stand or as they are known carry bags, must be more lightweight and less cumbersome, but also be predisposed to have fewer extras features. A golf bag designed to be carried in a cart will be heavier and have fewer carry straps, but will characteristically have more features overall.

The kind of bag will also be dependent on how often you play golf. If you are a regular player then you'll need a tougher golf bag made with thick, durable materials which will not wear and tear during frequent use. However as compared to prices these bags have a tendency to be more expensive than the others. If you use golf only as an excuse to go out few times a year and are not a serious player then you are most likely get away with a less expensive golf bag.

An important point to take into consideration is the kind of club storage you need. Consider how many clubs you have, and what you usually like to carry with you. Also keep in mind if any clubs you may add in the near future, if that is so then purchase a bag that will provide sufficient room for this expansion.

While buying Golf Bag make sure that the golf bag has room for the unique specifications of your golf clubs. The height of the bag should be so as to cover all the clubs securely, without taking any chance they may slide out or get damaged. The width at the top of the bag should supply enough room to fit oversized club heads or grips.

For an expensive set of golf clubs it will be better to consider full length club divider pockets in your bag. These individual dividers organize and protect clubs. The weight and price of the golf bag will increase considerably but if can afford to have an expensive set of golf club why not protect it properly.

After keeping n mind the golf clubs you have to think about the other items that you have a tendency to keep in your golf bag. Additional features like pockets for accessories, including specific umbrella sheaths, water bottle holders, towel hooks and scorecard clips are there in the bag. Some bags even have special storage for golf shoes when not in use. While buying the bag keep all of in mind.

The number of times you play is not that important. When you go for buying a golf bag you should feel comfortable with it. Try to look for a design in which you feel comfortable. More or less all Golf Bag are designed keeping ergonomics in mind, so you get a good selection at a variety of price points. It does not matter if you carry the bag or not, you have to be certain that the straps and handles are strong enough for the amount of clubs and additional gear that you may carry. If possible look for a golf bag with an undertaking against defective workmanship to protect your investment.

Types of Bags

Basically the golf bag has one simple function to perform it is to carry your clubs and extra gear around with you on the course. Despite this uncomplicated task, there are many different kinds of bags for you to choose from.

Generally Golf Bag fall into three basic categories

1. Stand bags

2. Cart bags

3. Staff bags.

It does not matter which type of bag you're looking for, there are some universal features. Now a days almost all

the bags have dividers in the main club storage area to help keep the clubs separately for easier organization and to help keep shafts from tangling. Good number bags are made from lightweight; tough nylon blends but in some cases staff bags has the characteristic of a synthetic leather material. Generally all the bags have an adequate amount of pocket space to store a couple extra sleeves of golf balls and a rain jacket.

Stand Bag

Stand bags are named after their most useful feature the two-legged stand mechanism that engages when you keep the bag down, holding the bag straight. This will help in keeping your bag and clubs dry in wet conditions, and all the more making it easier to have access to the clubs and storage pockets. If you wish to walk a lot then the most important consideration is to get a bag that is very light. Less than five pounds is good but you can get some bags that are nearer to three pounds. Those couple extra pounds make a real difference over the course of 18 holes. A comfortable strap, preferably a dual-strap system is a must that so that you can put over both shoulders like a backpack to dispense the weight evenly. The least storage space of any type of bag is have had by the stand bags have but even then the most lightweight bags typically have a decent-sized pocket for balls and tees, and another larger pocket or two for extra clothes.

Cart Bag

If you have a tendency to ride when you play a good choice will be the cart Bag A few of these bags have stands for the time when you do want to walk, but they are likely to weigh a little more. Nevertheless that extra weight means extra room and more amenities. The main club compartment is normally larger in diameter, which makes it handier to get clubs in and out of the bag. There are additional pockets provided with additional room for clothes, cell phones and valuables and even cold beverages.

A Staff Bag

The biggest and heaviest bags you can buy are the Staff bags. These can either be slightly smaller replicas of what you see tour pros using, or may be the real thing. It gives you plenty of space for 14 clubs and even a couple extra for

practice rounds, as the main club area cannot be more than 10 inches in diameter. There is abundance of space for a full rain suit, a sweater, a couple dozen balls and heaps of other supplies in a full-size staff bag. However if you fill it to its full capacity it will get very heavy.

Travel Bags

How important is Golf to you. If you cannot do without it even for a weekend then you need to travel with your golf clubs. If you are traveling by plane, you'll want to spend some money in a good travel bag. This is a bag that actually covers your golf bag, like a giant duffle bag. A few travel bags are soft-sided, prepared out of heavy-duty nylon with added padding to protect your clubs. A few of them are hard-sided, made of suitcase-grade plastic. There are pros and cons to each type of travel bag. Soft-sided bags are lighter and more adaptable, as you can fill them up with dirty clothes on your return trip. But soft-sided bags have the disadvantage of offering less protection. It has been observed that some airlines will make you sign a waiver releasing them from liability for damage if you use one. Hard-sided travel bags are tougher and airlines give them preference. But their disadvantages are that they are heavier, take up more storage space and don?t offer much extra room.