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Proud of your wardrobe and the collection on which you have spent a fortune! Each one of us is proud of his/her material possessions because they lend us the power to flaunt our spending power and to enhance our beauty & outward appeal. But are all of us equally proud of the way we store our valuable clothes or how we pack them during the seasons when they are no longer in use Do you dump your expensive clothes carelessly in bags and storage places only to find them in an even shabbier condition when you take them out to be used Worse, you may find holes in them caused by the bugs or even find them in a faded condition because of excess heat or humidity. Your clothes don?t deserve to be treated in such a callous manner for the simple fact that they add so much to your personality. And an investment that reaps such prime benefits should be valued by the possessor.

Our clothes need special care and protection for a number of reasons. Clothes have to protected mainly against elements such as insects, heat, humidity that are the prime enemies of all kinds of fabrics, but mainly of woolens and delicate fabrics such as satin, silk, velvet and others. Even though you may be able to well afford a wardrobe full of expensive designer clothes, preserving your clothes in a proper manner is a necessity. If a number of clothes are no longer in use or don?t fit you, they can be put to a good use but only if they are in proper condition. A lot of charity donation organizations are always looking for generous donors who can donate formal clothes for the impoverished lot who often lose out on job opportunities because they do not have proper clothes to wear to the interview. Hence, proper storage of your clothes goes a long way in ensuring that not only do they remain in the best condition possible for as long as they are used by you, but also can be put to use for a more meaningful cause when you have outgrown them.

Since most of us wish to preserve our clothes and protect them from damage, an appropriate storage space and a few precautions can ensure longevity for our cherished clothing. Probably the most dreaded enemies of your expensive clothes are the clothes moths that attack the clothing which is not packed in protective bags. The most common method of protecting your clothes is to place them in airtight bags and to place insect repellant inside these bags. Be sure to check the clothes properly before placing them in these bags. The clothes should be thoroughly clean and free from pests. Insect repellants such as moth balls containing naphthalene are commonly used for this purpose and are very effective insect repellants. However, they should be kept out of the reach of children as they are poisonous. They have the added drawback of leaving an unpleasant odor on the clothes they are meant to protect. Also, they are ineffective or weak if placed in a container which is not totally airtight.

The markets and the online stores cater to all your needs for clothing storage. There are various means by which you can store your clothes and protect them from pests, humidity and other harmful factors. Numerous varieties of closets, storage boxes and bags are available in the market and at online stores. So, you can choose the appropriate storage bag to preserve your cherished clothing. These storage bags are available in a range of materials and styles. One can choose the material that is best suited for the storage of the clothes you would want to pack in the bag. For instance, you would need a different bag for storing warm clothing like pullovers and jackets from the bag that you would need to store satin or silk dresses. These enclosed bags are especially effective for the use of a natural repellant that can be put inside the bag along with the clothes. The closed space makes the repellant more effective thus ensuring that your clothes stay protected.

One should explore all the storage options available in the market since the markets are flooded by innovative

storage options in every season. One of the options for storage are the remarkable vacuum seal storage bags that reduce the volume of the clothes that you have to store by about three fourth of the original volume. They also protect your clothes against pests such as moths and bugs and also save them from being faded because of heat or humidity. If you wish to store your clothes in this wonderful storage option, all that you have to do is to attach a vacuum hose to the valve that is a part of the space bag. Turn on the vacuum and your clothes will be safe for as long as you wish to store them for. Another interesting storage option that has recently entered the market is the compression bag. This bag works on the same principle as the vacuum bags, in that it shrinks the volume of the clothes so that you can store three times the number of clothes that you would, otherwise, have been able to store in the same space.

These bags are known by various names; compression bags, stack n-vac, packmate (it does not require a vacuum but works on a similar principle) and various others. These bags are usually clear bags and are closed with a zipper. One can view what is stored inside and this makes it easier to unpack them. So, one can unpack the bags one requires. These bags are accompanied by a warranty of repair or replacement for five years or more and are ideal for traveling, seasonal packing and whenever one needs to store large volumes of clothing storage bags.

Since our cherished clothing storage bags deserves the best storage care, one should not hesitate to purchase the top of the line storage bags. These clothing storage bags are readily available at the local markets and online stores. Since it is easier to shop from the comfort of our homes and also because there is a larger variety available, online stores are gaining in popularity over the markets. However, if examining the product is necessary for you before you make a purchase, then the local markets will have enough variety for you to choose from.