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Histry of Coach Bag

Coach was started more than fifty years ago as a family business. From a Manhattan loft, six leather artisans developed a collection of superior quality leather bags and accessories using time-honored skills passed down through generations. Soon the Coach reputation began to spread, and customers with discriminating tastes began looking for the Coach brand by name.

The first inspiration for Coach bags came from the simple beauty and rugged durability of a classic American baseball glove. When Coach's founder noticed the glove's distinctive markings and the supple texture of the worn leather, he began working on his own design - refining it, making it simultaneously softer and stronger, he created Coach's first leather handbag. To this day, modern leather finishes, unique leather grains and colors, and innovative materials are at the forefront of Coach's design process. But this baseball glove-tanned leather remains a Coach tradition. And those first leather bags are more beautiful today than ever before.

Coach is a leading American marketer of fine accessories & gifts in leather, suede and signature fabric. Offerings include handbags & purses, wallets, ...

Coach is the largest American luxury leather goods company. The company• s rise has been the stuff of legends. A company that began over 50 years ago as a family-run workshop in a tiny loft in Manhattan has now become one of the most profitable makers of leather goods in the world. Legend has it that the founder of Coach was inspired by a baseball glove! He noticed how supple a baseball glove became after constant use. He then worked on the glove and made it softer and sturdier and eventually created the company• s first handbag from it.


Their products are extremely well-made and only the finest leather is used in the production process. The companys leather bags are reputed to use only the top ten percent leather in their production of accessories and these are double stitched at high stress points.

The fact that some Coach products from the 1940's are still intact and in good condition is a testament to their durability. Their fantastic products are complemented by their excellent service. The companys customer service policy guarantees the utility of a product by ensuring that any worn out products are repaired. The customer is required to ship the item to the specified location with a brief explanation of the problem and a nominal amount of money.

Top ten Trends in Womens Hand bag

1. Dooney & Bourke Handbags

These cute designer bags come in a variety of pastel colors, and feature trimmed flaps and metal

buttons for a school-yard look

2. Bulga

These slouch bags are must-haves as a carry-all for weekend getaways!

3. Kate Spade

Chic and classic, this tote is a must-have for semi-formal outfits with smooth lines and stitching .

4. Gaucho saddle bag

Casual and trendy, these bags have slouch but style. Choose denim or leather in bold colors.

5. Oversized Leather Bags

Any oversized leather bags that arent too slouchy, these bags are a great addition with

oversized buckles, patent leather trim, and chain handles.

6. Ruffled Leather

A variety of designers are catching on to this cowboy-inspired look, with ruffles adorning all-

leather styles. Choose camel, black, or tan colors to compliment any outfit.

7. Braids

Chunky braid weaves and handles are a signature look of top designer bags this season; choose

white, pink, and lighter pastel colors for a fashionable addition to your look.

8. Coach

Coach bags are ALWAYS in season, and this year featuers basket-weave material, slouchy

styles, and classic Coach-mongrammed styles.

9. Hobo

This bag is still in season in fresh, bold colors. Choose bold blues, reds, and greens to stand out

from the crowd, and experiment with soft leather, metallic, and miniature styles.

10. Bamboo handles

Just in time for summer, these boxy and compartmentalized bags with bamoboo handles show

off some seasonal flair. Choose from printed and solid styles in different fabrics.

Fake Coach bags are a little difficult to spot

• The stitching is sloppy or the pattern is crooked - this is a sure sign because COACH does not make sloppy


• The bag does not look like any other bag you've ever seen - if it looks "sort of" like a bag you've seen but not quite, it may be fake.

• Ask the seller to verify that they are offering an original product. If they fail to respond to your request, this may be a sign that they don't want to incriminate themselves.

• Most COACH purses have a serial number stamped on the inside, on a square patch of leather sewn into the lining, usually on the front of an inside pocket.

• Beware of blurry photos and stock photos - this does not necessarily mean the bag is fake but if you see either of these types of photos, I would contact the seller and see if they can send you a photo of the actual item they're selling so you can analyze it for yourself.


Coach may be amongst the most profitable and fast growing luxury bag makers in the world but there are lots of difficulties ahead. Counterfeit sales is a tremendous problem. Fake bags and accessories worth billions of dollars are being made in China and other developing countries. Some of these imitations are a lot similar to the original product and are extremely difficult to detect. Most countries dont even have strict laws regarding counterfeit production. Even in countries where laws exist it becomes difficult for the authorities to deal with knock-offs on such a large scale. In New York some luxury goods makers are employing attorneys and private detectives to hunt down bootleggers. Piracy is not the only problem. Companies also have to be very careful that their latest ideas stay within the firm. Its very easy to steal designs from a corporation and sell them to outsiders since so many hi tech electronic gadgets are available. Coach also needs to maintain its marketshare from other big rivals. It will have to work really hard to keep its revenues and profits growing at the sustained pace that they have maintained over the last few years.