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Till some years ago, the game of golf was popular mainly among a selected few, comprising the elite class of society. Things have changed tremendously over the last few years. Thanks to Tiger Woods and his ilk, golf has really spread its wings and is now attracting the youth like never before. Golf is now such a popular college game that college golf bags with their own logos have become an essential part of college life.

Students these days have a lot more options open for them than what were available a few years back. Your kid has this opportunity to go to college for any discipline of sport through some suitable programs. What better way to celebrate your kid?s new journey than buying him/her a college golf bags if he/she chooses to play golf.

The college golf bags you buy should have logo of the university that has given the scholarship. Prior to purchasing a college golf bag for your kid, you should ask the university whether they require all student golfers to follow the same style or color.

Choosing the right bag

One must consider a few things in order to select the bag that suits him/her best. First, one should decide if he/she wishes to walk the course or use a cart. Although carry bags won?t be heavy, it won?t contain as many ?extra? items either. A cart bag, on the other hand, will be heavier but will include more features.

A regular golfer will obviously require a bag that is made of sturdy materials. These bags are usually more expensive. Choose your golf bag keeping in mind the room needed for the number of clubs you will usually carry to the course. It will be even better to buy one, which can accommodate some more clubs you may wish to add soon. See to it that the height and the width of the bag are adequate to provide sufficient room for your golf clubs.

You can also choose a bag having more pockets for accessories such as water bottle holder, towel hook and even golf shoes. Check whether the straps and handles are strong enough to hold all your equipment.

How to save money

You can save quite a lot of money if you do a little bit research before purchasing a college golf bag. There is no harm in buying the previous year?s stock, as they will cost you much less. You will discover that most stores offer attractive discounts on golf bags when the sporting year comes to an end. In this manner, you can purchase bags made by top companies at reduced prices by just choosing a bag from the previous year?s line.

You can also cut costs by choosing a no-frills golf bag that provides only the essential features and come without avoidable luxuries.

It is better if you surf the Internet for closeout sales, as they will help you find and purchase a high quality golf bag. You can also visit the manufacturer?s website or local golf stores for availing the discounts offered. If you carefully compare the prices and discounts offered, you will certainly end up a gainer in terms of costs incurred.

Models and designs

You will find different models and designs of carry bags if you prefer the walking game. These bags are lightweight,

strong and user-friendly. Most of them come with retractable legs and double straps that are easy to handle.

Here are a few examples:

? Datrek's Conehead bag weighing 6 lbs has a top section designed to keep woods and irons separate;

? Burton Golf's Quest stand bag weighs almost 5 lbs and has a dual strap, seven pockets, three full-length dividers and a rain hood;

? Ping's J 4.8 lbs bag has a full-length four-way club divider;

? Ogio's Ozone YZ weighing 5.7 lbs has a six-bay kidney-shaped top that includes a specially designed "putter pit";

? Belding's 6.4 lbs Contour bag has a dual strap made of EVA molded material providing additional comfort;

? Sun Mountain's 3.5 lbs Superlight is fitted with a patented roller-bottom stand, and also a dual strap, hip pads and full-length dividers; and

? Eurovation's 7.2-pound G-bag is equipped with upper and lower handles and legs that retract into a channel.

Nike Golf offers college sports fans the chance to play a round with their favorite universities, offering golf bags with official logos and colors from major universities.

Its university-branded Dual Lightweight Carry Bag features a dual strap system that gives more comfort by evenly distributing the bag weight, a cart-compatible stand system designed to ensure optimum stability, operation and longevity, and a better management and protection of clubs with an isolated putter well and full-length club dividers. And truly lightweight it is, weighing just 5 pounds.

Some top college golf bag brands are Callaway Cleveland, Cobra, Datrek, Golfsmith, Izzo, Lynx, Nike, Ogio, Ping, Snake Eyes, Sun Mountain, TaylorMade, and Titleiste.

Golf scholarship

If your coach says you are talented enough to become an excellent college golf bags, you should consider the chances of obtaining a full or partial scholarship for college as early as possible. While it is true that not many golf scholarships are there on offer, it is also a fact that there are not many talented golfers to fill those slots. Therefore, if you have talent you should have a decent chance of making the grade. In order to get noticed, you should become a member of the information loop that supports youth golf. You can either join the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), or get the Ping American College Golf Guide, or consider a sports recruiting agency, or play as many major tournaments as possible, or keep in constant touch with the college campus.