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Computer bags - Safe or Style

How often you need to carry your portable computer from one place to another Your computer comprises of many sensitive parts and you need to take an extra precaution from putting your computer at risk. After all, it is the most expensive equipment you possess not only because it is pricey but also because it contains the data, which is probably invaluable for you. A computer bags, for that matter, plays a very important role in protecting your computer and data in it.

Know your computer

The electrical components inside your computer can get damaged if exposed to moisture or dust as it can lead to short circuits and component failure. Your computer?s hard drive where the data is stored, is extremely sensitive to shock, this includes any bumps, thuds or large vibrations that your computer may experience. Even small frequent shocks can also lead to data loss or complete hard disk failure

So, the vital purpose of buying a computer bag is the protection of a computer besides comfort and design.

Before hitting the market and getting your card swapped against a computer bags, you must consider certain points that would get you the best deal as per your requirement.

Types of computer bags

There are varieties of computer bags - soft bags, backpacks, cases, waterproof bags and so on. Their price varies from $15 to $150. The cheapest being a simple bag known as Sleeve that has Velcro closure and front slit pocket, which is ideal for carrying laptop safely in any bag. The pricey would have luxury additions like multiple pockets, removable accessory pouches, skate wheels and multiple handles to carry in different styles apart from a padded laptop compartment and of course a brand name that makes a lot of difference.

Cases on the other hand would range up to $350 because of their additional features like watertight, airtight, dust proof, and crush proof made of unbreakable, unsinkable, corrosion proof molded plastic.

There are some very interesting computer bags that can be used for multipurpose. For example if you would go to Dawes site you would find a pannier bag

with unique features. Besides being a computer bags, it can also be used as a workstation because of its unique fold out construction.

Useful Tips

Now, as per your budget and requirement, you must keep these things in your mind before buying a computer bag:

? Whether the bag you have chosen has flexible expansions to accommodate full-size laptops

? Is the compartment allocated for notebook nicely padded for extra protection

? Does the weight distribution system reduce the impact of weight

? Does it protect your valuable laptop from handling abuse and all weather conditions

? Is their sufficient room for other useful accessories like CDs, cords, cables, disks, disk drives, wi-fi units, instruction manuals, extra battery, mouse, cell phones, business cards, etc.

? Are the handles comfortable in carrying

? Are the pockets deep and secured with Velcro or zipper

? Whether the shoulder strap can be adjusted or removed according to your height

? And not to forget the lifetime warranty which you would get with branded ones.

You and your computer bag :

Your choice would also depend upon your work or profession. If you are a student, you would prefer a plenty of storage space to store your books or documents along with your computer. On the other hand, if you are a mobile professional, you would prefer a lightweight, compact, portable and wear-resistant bag that would allow you to bounce it around for ease and mobility. But you must consider the

weight of your laptop along with the required accessories like, external disk drives, power supply, etc. Many lightweight laptops can become weighty if you add the other components with it. In that case, one should consider a carry on bag that is easy to pull along. If you want a smaller bag, you must go for a backpack or a shoulder bag.

Sine aua non

Whether you are a road warrior or a casual meeting goer, the bottom line is that besides having stylish look that goes well with casual or business attire, a bag for portable computers must protect your computer and make it easy to transport, and they must be durable enough to give you money?s worth.