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Coleman bed bags

bed bags are protective bags for sleeping outdoors. They are basically used to provide the comfort and warmth. They also give protection from wind, precipitation, and exposures. Their function is somewhat similar to the tents. There bottom surface provides cushioning like a sleeping pad. They are better alternative of tents in case of rains and cold temperatures. Coleman is a leading company which makes durable and finest coleman bed bags. All the products pass through rigorous quality control procedures. The bed bags are scientifically tested according to the standards given by the American Society of Testing and Materials to measure and maintain the temperature. This is indicated on every product so that a consumer can select the right bag. Most of the bed bags are made with fabrics to give high quality insulation, and full size to give full protection from the chilly nights.

Many sleeping bag making companies use technology which can maximize the comfort like Zip Plow, zipper tool, Zipper Glide tailoring, Fiberlock insulation tailoring and Thermo lock zipper protection to provide complete insulation. These features are designed to protect body from heat loss and insure full comfort. The Zip Plow zipper tool is added to avoid the fabric of the bag getting caught in the zipper and in turn damaging it. It keeps the fabric away to prevent snagging at the zipper coils. Zipper glide tailoring is an added feature to allow zipping the bag smoothly around the corners. Coleman bed bags are made with Thermotech, Coletherm, Dupont and Hollofil insulations. These are 100% polyester non-allergenic, machine washable and odorless fabrics. Thermotech insulation is basically created from soft and lofty solid-core fibers. Coletherm, Dupont and Hollofil insulation are made from high quality hollow-core fibers which creates pockets of air acting as barrier between the person and the environment. These insulations have good thermal retention properties which can keep campers warm. The fabrics used for cover and liners are usually nylon as it is highly durable with fast drying abilities and cotton which is very soft but again hard and durable.Fiberlock insulation tailoring is done to keep the fibers in place so that they do not shift or develop cold spots allowing the air to enter the bag.Thermolock zipper protection act as an additional insulating barrier to prevent heat loss and give snug feeling to campers. The size of a bag is an equally important aspect while designing a sleeping bag... There are usually four sizes available in the market to suit an average person. These are junior size for persons with average height, Full size, Tall size and King size to accommodate really tall persons.

There are three main types of bed bags ? Mild temperature bags, Moderate temperature bags and Extreme temperature bags.

Mild Temperature Bags

These bags are meant for 50 to 40 degree temperature. There are various models and sizes available in this category. There are is also wide range of colors and fabrics to choose from.

Moderate Temperature Bags

There are nine sleeping bag models created for moderate temperature range of 40 to 20 degrees. These moderate bags have a cotton cover except for one model for which cotton flannel is used...

Extreme Temperature Bags

These coleman bed bags are meant for those adventures that like cold-weather camping in -5 to + 15 degree temperature range. There are four models available in this range with nylon cover and cotton liner to give maximum protection against cold winds.

It is important to take proper care so that your sleeping bag lasts longer and better. You should not dry clean the

bag. It is important to use oversized commercial front loading washing machine with a rotating drum action. It should be washed with warm water using mild detergents and rinsed in cold water. You can use fabric softener but avoid detergent with beach. For drying use oversized commercial dryer.Alterantively you can hand wash it at home also with mild detergents. It should completely dry before storage. For rolling zip up and fold in half .It is advisable to fasten the toggle and loop to keep it in folded position. Roll it from opposite end of ties or loops tightly and then secure it with ties, loops or straps and put it in the attached carrier. If you are planning to keep it in storage for long time then avoid keeping in the carrier or sack as it can reduce its softness and puffiness.

Some tips on buying good sleeping bag

The most important factors in choosing a good sleeping bag will be the weather conditions where you would be using it. One should choose a bag which remains comfortable in all types of weather. If you are not planning to go for camping in very cold conditions then you should go for coleman bed bags which can handle temperature up to 30degress.But if you are living where the conditions are very hard than you must buy a colder ?rated bag. Always buy from reputed manufacturer so that you get a quality product. If you are going on family camping than buy rectangular coleman bed bags which can be opened up or folded to get double bag according to the need. Tapered or Mummy bags can be compressed and take little space. These are warmest. Hybrid bags offer more leg space with warmth. One should check quality of cover materials, liners and insulation material used in a sleeping bag for durability and comfort. For cover nylon and cotton are usually used .They are durable and lightweight at the same time. Nylon is used as a liner in most of the bags but cotton flannel is a better choice as it is soft, warm and gives cozy feeling. For insulation nylon or polyester are used. Check the weight and price as high-quality insulation provides greater warmth and less weight. Check the zipper system to keep fabric safe from being entangled with the zipper teeth.