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Beautiful bags from Coach

Coach bags are the fashion trend for purses and handbags all over the world. The bags are very economical as compared to the competitors in the market. Money spend to buy coach bag is worth spending .They come in different varieties, colors and styles. Lew Frankfurt is the present CEO of the company.

The profit of company has increased from 36%to 63 % in latest years. Company has 4200 employees working for it. Most of them are skilled labors. Coach bags and Coach Accessories are the ultimate of Luxury. The designer head of Coach is Reed Krakoff. The coach bags entered the market in 1941.At that time coach bags was considered to be the synonym of utility bags .But later in the late 90s Coach entered the fashion market. Now company makes bags which are smart, colorful and still classy. Coach Company has the market value of $10.6 billion with 33% return on equity. The company never reduces it prices on the Web or at full price stores. Few of the major competitors of Coach Bags are Louis Vuitton, Herms, and Gucci.

Other than bags coach also makes watches, footwear, outwear, furnitures, Womens and mens leather goods. Coach has 174 retail counters and 76 factory outlets in North America and 100 outlets in Japan. . Coach uses only 10 % of quality leather to make the bags. Coach have its own plants where untreated leather is enriched with natural products.

In 1998 Coach launched its new product range the purses made with the mixture of fabric and leather and with the letter printed on it. Coach bags are known for there quality and style. They use unique leather grains, modern leather finishes, unique colors and innovative materials. Still after 50 years of launch Coach have faithful customers. Over the year coach has maintained its high quality standards .They use best quality leather to produce best design bags. Each bag made by coach goes through stringent quality tests before coming to market.

History of Bags and Coach Bags: History of bags goes back to 14th century. The earlier available

information comes from the literature. Handbags have gone a series of evolution, from embroidery bags to leather bags, from big utility bags to small pouches. Similarly the purpose of the bag also changed from traveling and utility bags to a fashion status.

Coach bags got its start in 1941. These bags were inspired by baseball gloves. The founder of coach bags was amazed to see how the leather used in baseball gloves lasts in spite of rough handling.

Coach Workmanship: Coach Workmanship includes CEO Lew Frankfurt, Key executives Keith Monda, Reed Krakoff, Michael Tucci, Mike Devine, Carole Sadler, Felice Schulaner and approximately 4200 skilled labor. Coach began with six artisans. These 6 artisans have passed their skills to thousand of artisans. Thanks to Coach artisans that today bags made by them are a status symbol for whole world. Coach launches seasonal bags. All the hand bags are colorful, distinct and classy.

The different types of handbags from Coach are:

Across Body-These handbags can be worn around the body. They are functional and fashionable.

On shoulder-these bags can be tucked on arm or can be kept on shoulder. They are comfortable and


In hand-They are usually small. They are delicate and can be carried only in hand.

The different sizes of handbags from Coach are:

Small handbags- They are small sized bags .They are perfect for the times when you dont need to carry a lot.

Medium sized handbags-They are versatile bags. They allow you to carry all your daily necessities.

Large hand bags-These bags are for the people who want to keep everything and still dont want to compromise on style and comfort.

The different categories of handbags from Coach are:

Hampton handbags- These are stylish bags made of leather, suede and hair calf. Hampton handbags refer to fall.

Soft Duffles handbags- They are classic and yet modern. These bags are slouchy duffle silhouette. These bags are made from leather, suede and classic Signature fabric.

Shoulder totes handbags- These are versatile and fashionable silhouette. They combine the appeal of a tote with a hobo.

Legacy handbags-These are versatile Chic silhouettes.

Soho handbags- These are flaps, hobos and totes. They are made from fresh materials and iconic buckles. They are functional and stylish.

Classic signature handbags- These are the original signature handbags .They are made from original bold Signature pattern fabric. They have signature jacquard fabric with lightweight leather trim and fabric lining

Signature stripped handbags- These are versatile silhouettes. These stylish bags are made of signature fabric.

Chelsea handbags- These are the latest trends bags. These elegant bags are made from chic leathers, textures and patterns.

Special Occasion handbags- These are the most luxurious brand from Coach. They feature elegance with versatile silkhouttes.

Messenger bags-They are usually used by men. They can be taken to office or can be used on weekends.

Totes- They are also known as necessity bags .They can be used both by men or women. They have multifunctional pockets and made from leather.

The latest collection of coach bags is Coach Ombre Signature Handbags. They are available in vibrant orange color so as to remind you of summers and sun. They are made from tie dye twill with embossed calfskin and leather trim. Lot of replicas of coach bags are available in market with lesser prices. So, be sure of buying coach products from its company outlets only.

Thus Coach has maintained the standards both in materials and workmanship. They are growing and will continue to grow in sales. They will keep on launching new patterns and products. Coach handbags are timeless classic handbag. They can be used lifetime