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Children bed bags bed bags are available for all sizes ranging from new born to grown up children. They are useful on many occasions like sleepovers, camping, lack of proper sleeping space and keeping warm. They are available in all possible sizes, shapes, comforts, materials and design to suit everybody?s needs. The external beauty is important to children and there is a wide variety to choose from with funky designs like teddy bears, castles, robots, Barbie and much more. Some even have games like chess, snakes and ladders printed on the inside of children bed bags, for children to have fun. Children choose according to their whims and fancies but parents need to do some intelligent thinking before buying. Any sleeping bag cannot be just picked up by outer appearance. There are lots of things to be checked while getting one, to enjoy the experience to fullest.

Points to consider


Prices can vary from anywhere from $15 to $250 depending on the fanciness and extra features. There are many online shopping stores which offer great deals for on children bed bags.


Sometimes parents are tempted to buy larger size so that it can accommodate their child for at least two years. However, buying the correct size is important so that child is snug as well as ventilated. Modular bags are also available for growing children and have zip-on extensions to increase lengths.


Depending on the fill and linning, bed bags can be selected to suit different temperatures. Hence, intended use must be considered like summer camping, trips and parties. Special attention is needed when selecting for extreme weathers like freezing temperatures. bed bags come with temperature ratings which are unique to each manufacturer and depend on the filling, shell, shape and construction.

For use in slightly variable seasons, one can look for three season bags with moderate warmth. Temperature ratings are given assuming that a pad will be in use, so do not forget to take your pads. Similarly, look for the loft value. Loft represents the amount of fluff in the insulation material. More fluff means a warmer bag.

Shells and linings

bed bags for children are available in many interesting colors, designs and fabrics. Many of these are made of synthetic fiber. The advantage of synthetic fibre lies in its weather resistance and durability. Choice of linings is also available between nylon, cotton and fleece according to use, warmth and desired preferences. Nylon is easy to dry; polycot is durable while fleece provides more warmth and comfort.


Warmth and comfort is depends a lot on filling inside. bed bags are made by sandwiching down or synthetic fillings between lining and the bag?s shell.

Bags with down filling are expensive as compared to synthetic filling. Down fill bags are light weight, warm and great insulators. These are are not suitable for wet conditions as they loose insulation properties and do not dry back fast.

Synthetic filling bags are another alternative. Although these are cheaper and good for wet weather conditions, they are bulkier.


One must not neglect to check the quality of the stitching of the bag. A quilted sleeping bag is ideal as it ensures that the fill stays in place. Some cheap quality bags come without much stitching and do not last long as the fill falls and collects in places, thus reducing the effectiveness considerably.


Individual sleeping habits and weather will help to determine the shape of the bag. Mummy or cocoon bags taper towards feet, are efficient for giving warmth and very suitable for extreme cold. Trekkers who require light weight items pefer these. Rectangular bags are more popular and suitable for those who cannot sleep without movements but these are not warm as heat is dissipated due to wide area. Semi-rectangular bags are a mix between mummy and rectangular bags and may suit most purposes and children.

Other accessories like zipper, collars, hoods, pockets, extra padding for hood and foot areas can be checked for flexibility and added comforts. For example, two way zippers are also available to allow joining of two bags.

Care and Maintenance

It depends on the filling. For down fill, dry-cleaning services serve better. For home cleaning, lot of precautions as per instructions must be carefully followed like soaps, water temperature, squeezing and drying. Insulation properties can get damaged if washing is not done carefully. Synthetic ones can be washed at home with mild soaps and cold water.

Use of washing machines is totally ruled out for both kinds of bed bags.


When not in use, bags should be kept in sacks or draped on hangers. It is not advisable to use plastic bags as molds grow fast in them. It is better not to cramp them so that effectiveness is retained.

bed bags for very small children

children bed bags for babies require a special mention as they are used on day to day basis to keep little one?s warm and cozy. Almost all little ones tend to kick off the covers and get exposed to cold.

Light weight and soft baby bed bags come with arm holes for easy movement of arms and ventilation.

Use of bed bags minimizes risk of suffocation and SIDS which often occurs due to use of blankets. They prevent entangling of arms and legs in cot rail and sheets. There is sufficient room for kicking too, in well made bed bags. Nappy can also be easily changed with use of zipper. Bags are available to suit extreme winter and summer conditions. Summer ones are breathier with soft fabric while winter ones are quilted.

They too come in many colors and designs and require care and maintenance as described above.

Where to Buy

bed bags for babies and children are available at baby shops, camping stores and other all purpose stores. Online catalogue shopping also even made it simpler and sometimes they have great deals too. Just submit a search for bed bags and hundreds of online suppliers will appear with latest stuff and great deals.

Some essential questions before you make a purchase

1. What is the budget

2. What would weather be like

3. What is the level of warmth required

4. Will a roomier one be more suitable for the child or a cozy one

5. Should it be very light weight

6. Is maintenance a big problem