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Christian Dior Bags

Today, we live in an age of brands and brand consciousness. Sporting Armani jackets, sprinkling oneself with the sweet odor of an Estée Lauder perfume and having a Gucci bag slung casually over one?s shoulder, these and more are the means to making a style statement for many! Whatever one might say, most people tend to follow fashion trends blindly and ape what they see being worn on the ramp and in the movies. In India especially, most youngsters are besotted with Hindi movie stars and it?s not unusual to find entire college crowds dressed in the styles sported by popular movie actors. With the influx of high-profile designer brands, this trend has only been on the increase. It is not surprising then that every girl and woman worth her salt wants to own a Gucci or Dior bag!

Christian Dior bags is a name that needs no introduction. The fame and respect that this fashion icon enjoys posthumously is tremendous and maybe ten times manifold to what he enjoyed when alive. From fashion belts and accessories, to dresses and the ever-loved and timeless bags, he?s done it all! This French designer created waves in the fashion industry during his time and age, the ripples and repercussions of which are felt to this day. Most women swear by his name, his brand, and especially his bags! Nothing complements a lovely dress better than a trendy, stylish bag. How many times have you noticed a pretty young lady, dressed well and stylishly, but with completely mismatched accessories, and thought how a small black dot in the center of a white sheet of paper can completely obliterate the blank white space and make you concentrate only on the jarring black dot! This, in plain words means that accessories can make or mar your entire outfit. You may be dressed in your very best, the very finest of all evenings gowns, with sparkling and breath-taking jewelry to match, but if you are not carrying the right shoulder bag or hand bag, your entire look can well prove to be an effort in vain! The importance of carrying the right bag just cannot be stressed enough. Imagine teaming an evening dress with a backpack, or a pair of jeans with an evening purse! Before you look at me with contempt written all over your face over my absolute lack of fashion sense and style, let me remind you that I?m only trying to drive home the fact that mismatched bags and clothes can have undesirable and sometimes, horrifying effects. It is no wonder then that more and more women rely on the amazing array of designer bags available in the market today, with Christian Dior bags being a leading contender for the coveted top slot! The styles and patterns on offer are nothing, if not mind-boggling! Short strapped bags, long strapped ones, bags embellished with buckles and buttons, bags with beads or crochet work, bags with different kinds of beautiful embroidery, the list is endless! His creations have proved to be a veritable treasure cum storehouse for the young and old alike.

New Look ? Christian Dior bags is credited with creating a fashion style, aptly called the ?New Look?, during his time and age. It was surely a novel look. No one before him had thought of or created such a feminine look for the

women of France! Dior advocated rounded, blunt shoulders, a tightly held waist and a full, billowing skirt. The look caught on like wildfire and there was absolutely no turning back for Dior from then on! In fact, even today, women around the world aim for a washboard stomach and thin waist, a look that he propagated decades earlier.

Entire gamut - Christian Dior bags is not only synonymous with handbags and purses, but with the entire gamut of clothing and accessories that maketh a woman! Lest you think that this fashion brand caters only to the fairer sex, let me put that misconception quickly to rest. Men too can find their style statement with ease in a Dior collection! From off the shelf, ready-to-wear dresses, coats and jackets, to alluring swimwear, precious, semi-precious and costume jewelry, from of course the ever enchanting bags to watches and shoes to suit every occasion, there is hardly a fashion and clothing item that this brand does not offer. Truly, a brand for all seasons, and certainly, for all reasons! Neither is age a bar for this fashion vista! Babies and toddlers can feel equally at home and pampered with the astonishing range and collections of clothes and other essentials available for the little ones of the house. A shopping stop for the entire family! This brand even has wonderful collections of sunglasses, ties, cologne, and the like, for the man of your house.

Other brands ? The marketplace today is flooded with brand names. Along with Dior, there are countless other brand names that have become synonymous with high fashion and elegance. Popular among them and the first few names that come to mind (I?m sure you?ll agree with me on this!) are Louis Vuitton, Versace, DKNY, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, and very many more! Most deal with the entire range of women?s and men?s clothing and accessories.

Adidos ? Man is a creature that eternally waits for opportunities of any kind to further his own cause and needs. With this thought in mind, think back to a time when you picked up a t-shirt that caught your eye and fancy at your local market, only to realize that it was a true-blue rip-off of your favorite Adidas sweatshirt, only now spelled as Adidos!!! Such fake brands are all over the place, with small-time retailers trying to cash in on the brand craze that the public seems to have been swept away by! Though some are hoodwinked into buying a Proda, thinking it to be a genuine Prada, many really don?t mind buying the rip-offs, knowing fully well that they are just that!!! It all boils down to wearing a branded piece of clothing; who cares if it?s spelt with an ?a? or an ?o?!!!