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Christmas Bags: The way to go for shopping this Christmas

Introduction: Carrying bags is now considered as a new fashion trend all over the world. People carry different types of bags. In fact, now-a-days, there is a different bag for every occasion and festivity. If you are invited to your friends’ wedding, you will not visit there without a cool and decorative fashion accessory, a designer bag. There are various types and varieties of bags available in different shapes, styles, colors, textures and designs. One of these trendy looking accessories is the mostly cherished Christmas bag. In this article, we will discuss everything related to this product, your Christmas bag.

Christmas – A Festival of Joy: Christmas is a festival of fun and enjoyment. It is a holiday in the Christian Calendar (25th December). It celebrates the birth of Jesus. Jesus was gifted by the three Magi. From then the concept of Santa Claus offering gifts to kids started. Santa was born in the United States of America in the year 1860. He was named such after the word St. Nicholas. Santa Claus had a white beard and a pot belly. He wore a red robe and visited homes to drop presents and gifts for children. On the day of Christmas, people enjoy a lot decorating their homes with tall Christmas trees and other decorative items. People in the Christian countries like US and UK are very fond of this season as they get their long awaited vacation. The vacant offices, schools, universities and banks give a perfectly opposite scene to what you see on the streets. The streets are filled with people of all ages. You can see kids, middle-aged men and women, teens and older people flooding the streets to fill their bags with the decorations for the festival. They do go shopping, and do shop in large quantities.

Types of Christmas bags: People need different types of Christmas bags to carry decorations and gifts. Mostly there are Christmas bags filled with gifts available in stores. The advent of these seasonal bags came into existence not later than 1800s. There are varieties of these bags available in stores. According to materials used: There are various materials used in the making of these bags. They can be made of polyester, jute, fabric, fur, paper, plastic, and also made of recycled paper and plastic. According to size: The bags for this season are available in different sizes ranging from a jumbo sized sack to a tiny little bag. There can be various sizes of paper bags especially order-made for holding certain number of gifts and decorative items. There are plastic carry bags which are more resistant to weight and are a good choice for this festival. According to texture: These bags are also available in different textures. They can be made of glazy paper or laminated paper; can also be made of coarse materials like jute, but the most durable. They are also in boutique stores designed with unique textures. According to shape: Shape is the most important parameter to look for when buying for kids. The kids love to use these bags made in various shapes. There are stores that sell paper bags in shapes of cartoon characters and Santa faces. According to design: The bags used in this festive season have innumerable designs to choose from. There can be designs related to the festive season and also can have illustrations of Christmas trees, Santa Clauses and Jesus Christ. According to use: Kids use these bags mostly for carrying their gifts back home. It must be good looking one that he/she can show-off to his/her friends as a cherished useful thing. According to color: The bags are also available in all colors and shades that make them even more popular to use for the Christmas shopping. According to environmental regulations: The bags are made of degradable plastic. It can also be made of recycled paper, jute or cotton that are not only environment friendly but also reusable.

Prices of Christmas bags: The price of the bags varies in accordance with the material used and it’s size. The price range can start from $0.92 and can exceed to $3.50. thus they are affordable by people of all economic classes and can be bought to suit for any and every purpose.

Special parameters: These bags were initially made of plastic and were very popular. But as slowly man realized

the need to conserve the environment for themselves as well as for the future generations, bags made of natural products took it’s place. the use of these bio-degradable natural products have also introduced the art and craft of various places in the international market. The local folk of the place where the jute is produced engage themselves in the preparation of these christmasbags. Thus not only the art is displayed in the market, it also acts as a source of income of the rural people. And as the cost of labor is much low compared to the products that are manufactured in the factories, the cost of the products is comparatively less and so they become cheaply available.

Why is it so popular These Christmas bags are very popular among the kids and teens. The kids prefer them as the come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. At times they depict the scenes from the fables and the Bible, thus inculcating in them a sense of religiousness and imparting the knowledge of the scriptures. The teens on the other hand prefer them, as they are very trendy. As the display the art and culture of the different places, they make them aware of the various crafts. It is not that they are only popular among the younger generations, the older generation as well as various organizations use these bags to meet with their own needs. Various organizations distribute these bags to use it as a means of publicity and making them feel the importance of the use of natural products compared to artificial ones.

Conclusion: The bags are gaining familiarity and popularity at a rapid pace. The bags are exported in huge quantities from the producing countries for the global market and this has also resulted in the spread of various art and culture. Thus the festival of Christmas has been able to make man much more rational and similar events can make the earth a better place to live in.