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Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas is the occasion of giving, sharing and receiving gifts from near and dear ones. This festival is celebrated with great festivity and reverence in all over the world. Christmas celebrations are incomplete without gift giving. It is believed that the tradition of giving gifts started with wise men bringing gifts to infant Jesus. The Bible?s book of Matthew says that they presented gold, incense and myrrh to Mary. However it was not really a custom of exchanging gifts until 1800s.Only in the beginning of 19th century gift ?giving became tradition during Christmas. People start shopping during the months of November and December till Christmas and ending with New Year. This is the right time of year to give something special to someone and show how much we appreciate him or her.

Most of us like wrapping presents .The malls and markets are full of wonderful, shiny and lovely gifts but these Christmas gift bags also need bags and paper wrappings. Gift bags come in all shapes and sizes. They can be in vivid colors and materials. You can chose from various options like silk, cotton, and organza, paper, and recycled paper, glossy or embossed paper. Sometimes gift bags look attractive than the gift itself. These can be used in future. The silk and organza bags are really pretty with soft touch and rich look but they do not come cheap. There are several craft shops, which sell ready to make bags. They simply require gluing the pieces together. Many floral and colorful designs are available. But they require tremendous patience and sometimes if cut not properly the whole thing can get spoilt. Nowadays many Internet sites also offer ready to print out bags with full instructions. These can be downloaded but can really take hours besides paper would be really thin to hold the gift. It would be real fun to make gift bags. There are some brilliant ideas to gift-wrap the Christmas presents. Design your own gift bag with used paper bags to which your kids can add their drawings, pictures cut from the colorful old books, and old Christmas cards etc. Add personal touch with satin ribbons, tassels and hand painted impressions. Buy inexpensive gift bags from the shop and embellish it with wrapping paper or leftover pieces of wallpaper. Ordinary paper bags can be transformed into beautiful wrappings with simple embellishments like sewing colorful buttons to a bag or adding ribbons to the slits along the flap of the bag. Another simple way is to have different sized old boxes for making right size gift bag. Stick wrapping paper from all sides. Put tissue paper inside the box and punch two holes on the upper end for handle. Use paper lunch bags and asks your child to decorate them with pictures and cuttings from old cards. For large gifts use big plastic grocery bag turned inside out decorated with stick on, beads and colored yarn at the top to tie the bags. These will turn into lovely bags. The brown paper gift bag can be decorated with bows. It will look simply stylish. Go for strong fabric bags, which can be reused after Christmas. Tying the handles together with colorful ribbons can add glamour to the gift. These

bags come in all shapes and sizes and ideal for wrapping odd shaped presents. Use stocking as a Christmas gift bags to gift the goodies for a change .You do not have to bother wrapping it. This can be used again next year. Especially the children will appreciate it. Some gifts already come in decorated gift bags just add personal touch by adding a bow and gift tag with your name. You can keep Christmas gift bags for personal use as they take little space for storage. Recycled paper also makes lovely Christmas gift bags without polluting the environment and cutting trees. If you have some left over fabric lying in the home then make a bag by folding the fabric in half and sewing one side .You can stuff your gifts inside and then either add rope handles or simply tie the end with colorful ropes, ribbons or tassles. These unique bags will display your artistic talent as well. You can be as creative as you like. Well! Christmas is the occasion of joy so you should let your imagination run wild. This way you will not only save some time and money but can also satisfy your creative urge. Use any fabric or whatever is available on sale but if you can lay your hands on colorful printed cloth then it would be ideal. But if you are really tired of bags then presenting gift baskets can be another option. Themed gift baskets are however time consuming but then the joy on the face of recipients is worth all the trouble. Gift basket is can be anything. It should be able to hold things ? wicker basket full of chocolates, goodies, candies or cookies or boxes for your friends, small wooden box stuffed with your kid?s favorite toy cars or for football loving husband a big ball filled with memorabilia or knickknacks related to the sports. There can be any theme. But you can make it special if you know the interests or the hobby of your dear ones. Christmas gift bags is an occasion of sharing and giving each other token of love in form of gifts .If these gifts are wrapped in something which is unique and different the gift acquires special meaning and well appreciated.