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Bags- does that make your eyes blink Most of the ladies get stuck to shops stuffed with fashionable bags. Bags today have become a symbol of fashion and attract everyone's attention. In today's world of fashion you can't think of leaving the house without a bag that either matches or contrasts your dress. It is essential to carry a bag as there are so many small things that you would not like to carry in your hand. Adding trend to the essential thing would only make you stand out in the crowd.

China is something that all of us relate with fine handwork and handicraft stuff. And when you think of a Chinese hand bag you just can't resist you self from admiring the delicate handwork. Chinese handbags are small purses or handbags to fit in the usual commodities and provide a delicate and classy touch to the person carrying it. They are made of different materials. They are usually made of Chinese silk that dates back to the Han Dynasty i.e. more than 3000 years ago. The silk is either used as a material or as a thread for embroidery. The bags are exquisitely handcrafted with rich variety of silk. Other types of bags include needlework bags, silk bags, brocade wallets etc.

History of Chinese Embroidery

Chinese embroidery can be dated back to the Mawangdui Han Tomb in Changsha, Hunan Province, as the "Longevity embroidery" and "Token embroidery" was unearthed from it. The Chinese embroidery attained a high level of expansion about 2000-3000 years ago. In the era of Three Kingdoms; Madame Zhao, the wife of His Lord the chief of Wu, could embellish the map of all kingdoms on a piece of silk fabric, with the mountain ranges, rivers and seas all clearly revealed. People during that time were very fine in needlework and had an excellent hand on neatness. The Portuguese travelers when they came to visit chine at the time of the Ming Dynasty bought embroidery work and when they presented them to their king in Portugal he rewarded these men. After that the Chinese embroidery became well popular all over the world and gained much recognition.

Chinese embroidery is well known for its delicate and beautiful workmanship. Accomplished with fine stitches that are done closely the work looks marvelously smooth, neat and glossy. The stitches are so fine that they are rarely visible and with the smart use of thick and thin shades of silk threads and a rich diversity of stitches guarantees its excellent class.

These days Chinese embroidery is being used to decorate laces, collars, wristbands, bottoms of trouser legs, puttees, towels, towels used to cover pillows, wrappers, bedspreads, door curtains, tablecloth and other petit embroidered articles not to forget the marvelous handbags.

Chinese embroidery is also used as a fill-in for other embroideries. Cross-stitch work looks simple and plain but the beauty of it is its simplicity.Chinese needlework came forward around 3000 years ago. As the dynasties passed there were more and more changes in the silk quality. The re are still many minorities in China who are till date doing this needlework.

Off late the needlework has shown a tremendous change when compared to the past times. The folk artists embroider with needles and lines and create explicit designs of various kinds of flowers, birds, mountains, water, characters and animals. They look lovely when they are made into handbags. The contemporary needlework of China can today be classified into appreciative needlework and applied needlework. The needlework of the people of Miao is very traditional they use self-produced background and they embroider typical patterns of dragons, phoenixes, flowers, birds and geometrical figures. The colors are rich and have a contrasting effect. The styles can be varied frequently after processing with intense folk feature.

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