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Bingo bags - A matter of luck

Bingo-a popular past time: Bingo enthusiasts would definitely like to be in same league as professional or amateur tennis or golf players. It is not only the recognition and accolades but freedom to choose and flaunt designer wear and accessories. Their contention is that if sports person from other games can have branded and individualized carry-bags so why not bingo bags.

Today bingo is a national past time and it is this reasoning that has led to manufacturing and purchase of special bingo bags to carry and hold personal bingo sets, bingo cards, markers or chips, a cage with bingo balls and master board. Similar to golf or tennis carry bags the shape and size of bingo bags differs depending on player. The bag can be a designer bag or made-at-home type but it should be strong enough to lug around from place to place. If bingo is played as once-in-a-while recreation activity then a simple bag is sufficient but if played on professional level then space is of utmost importance, with 10 or more pockets to fit in bingo accessories such bingo cushions useful for long hours sitting on wooden chairs, along with personal belongings, medicines, keys, lotions and eatables.

Matching Game: Bingo is basically gambling in restricted form with players given a set of cards with different numbered squares and when particular number is called players are required to place markers on them. It sounds easy but then luck, alertness and attitude is crucial in maintaining continuous winning streak. There is no second chance with numbers randomly selected and first person to mark complete number set is declared winner. When compared with other gambling games Bingo enjoys respectability as it is promoted by clubs, associations, religious and social organizations, churches and schools as means of interaction between members or to earn money for charities. A first time game turns into addiction cutting across genders and age with maximum time allotted from busy working or non working schedules. Another reason for its growing popularity is stakes involved that are minimum or high depending on association or club. If just a recreation activity then stakes are low or other forms of incentives are used. These include gifts or coupons for free vacations or dinners. In this competitive scenario appearance makes a difference with bingo bags complimenting mood and sartorial style. Designs and sizes in varying fabrics and makes with baubles and plain cuts often highlighted by embellishments and stickers are flaunted by players. An enterprising person makes one at home or gets one custom-designed through internet sites. Similar to other gambling games majority of professional or amateur players are superstitious enough to prefer to carry their personal bag everyday. Bingo bags are popular as gifts and one can find special bags for special occasions such as bingo bags as bridal shower gift or baby shower gift. Bags for children come specific mathematics, animal or language sets. Styles also depend on gender preferences with men preferring hardy and handy types and women going in for more fancy matching with mood and dress. Whatever the reason it does make a difference if player walks in with personalized playing kit.

Game Point: Bingo originated in Italy reaching out to other European countries before setting foot in United

States around 1929. Edwin S. Lowe, a traveling salesman, chanced upon the European version being played under a tent at a carnival in Atlanta, Georgia and was so intrigued by the game that he introduced it to New York with beans as markers, cardboard grids and number stamps. Soon the Americans had their own version with Americans following 75 number calls as compared with 90 in Britain. Lines called were horizontal, vertical or diagonal or full card depending on where and when it was being played. Once a player succeeded in scoring all numbers he called out “Bingo” and the name stuck. Since there was nothing very complicated in playing or understanding the rules, Bingo soon became popular in different corners of the country and acquired status of national game. Individuals, schools and public institutions jumped on to the Bingo-wagon turning it into an educational activity and regular weekly sessions at clubs and carnivals. Its increasing acceptability was more for the thrill and chance rather than skill. What is more it was easily accessible as one did not need to be a member of some high flying club or spend dollars beyond means to enjoy.

Personalized bag-complete industry. The argument in favor of personalized bingo bags is that if golf or tennis players have special carry bags why not a bingo player Women are more interested making it a style and fashion statement whether in vinyl, leather, plastic, paper or cloth. Another reason for their enthusiasm is that bingo bags serve dual purpose of carry bag for cosmetics, medicines, house keys, office papers and snacks or eatables along with bingo accessories. Seeing the business potential in growing popularity of Bingo, manufacturers introduce new designs regularly. For a serious bingo bags buyer the best and uncomplicated way to locate bingo bag of choice is to surf the net for stores or order online. The only competition a manufacturer encounters is from online Bingo that does not require any carrying and is played from a desk. Even with growing popularity of online bingo serious players continue to frequent Bingo clubs and associations flaunting their own styles in bags, dabbers in all colors, sizes and shapes with single or double markers to save time or with flashing blue and red lights. A favored bag is one that can accommodate bingo supplies including scotch tape to hold paper cards or is a lucky mascot to win jackpots.

Whatever the reason one can differentiate a serious player from a fun player by size, color and style of bingo bag.