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Nowadays,most kids consider their book bags among the most important of fashion statements. Boys go for cool and grown-up fabrics of graffiti designs.Girls prefer bright colour bags which are more customized and specific to their personality.Book bags are used to carry textbooks, papers, pens, pencils and other items to school. Without a book bags, students cannot carry all the components necessary for their heavy workload.

Because the students of today have more work than the students of ten or twenty years ago, so more books are carried to school book bags. For this, a hardy book bag is important for your child. Heavy canvas messenger bags and backpacks are in trend these days. Children usually prefer book bags having ample room for textbooks, notebooks, and binders and to carry around the whole day without any discomfort. The best bags in trend have separate pockets for pens, rulers and other small items. Separate pockets makes easier for a child to find what he's looking for. If the book bag is too heavy to carry over the shoulders, a handle can be pulled out and the bag can be moved around on its wheels.

What you decide does not matter, but comfort and sturdiness are the things that matter and are important while buying a good quality book bag. Schoolwork is a pain for children, but a back pain should not be another there for children. The best choices for book bags are backpacks, because two shoulders instead of one share the burden. For this, a book bags with a strap for the waist is a good option to buy. It?s even better, as some of the weight can be balanced.

There has been a steady increase in children having back pain and there is a need to seek a medical treatment for it. There was hardly any complain of a back pain from a child twenty years ago. But, these days, this type of pain has become common. Book bag related pain seems to be most prevalent in middle school-aged children, who sometimes carry loads of up to 25 percent of their body weight. As students are not provided with lockers or have limited access to lockers as per school?s rules and discipline, they have to carry heavy book s to school. The critical issue is for school administrators to decide that they are going to do something about the problem. One solution is to keep the heavy book bags in school and to carry lightweight set of books for the home. Scholastic book publishers are not paying attention on this issue and the textbooks currently being published are just as heavy as previous ones. As school campus is quite big ,children have to carry heavy books that becomes a problem for them. The book bag weight should be individualized to the child.

The maximum weight of a child?s book bag should be no more than 15 percent of a child?s body weight. This
means that a 100-lb. With the help of scales, one can easily weigh a child?s filled book bag. In order to balance the weight, a bag should be carried on both shoulders. To avoid the problem of back pain, safety measures are listed. Such as:

Backpack should be sturdy and appropriately sized. Some manufacturers offer special child-sized versions for children ages 5-10. These packs weigh less than a pound and have shorter back lengths and widths so they do not slip around on the back.

Consider more than looks when choosing a backpack. An ill-fitting pack can cause back pain, muscle strain, or nerve impingement.

The proper maximum weight for loaded backpacks should not exceed 15% of the child's body weight. For example, an 80-pound child should not carry more than 12 pounds in a pack.

Prioritizing the pack's content is very important. Avoid loading unnecessary items. It is important to balance the weight of the contents is important as it may lead to the shift of a body to unnatural postures to compensate.

Follow these simple steps:

Choose a backpack with padded shoulder straps that fits a child?s size

Lighten the load.

Before you lift the backpack face it.

Bend at the knees.

Lift with your legs, not the back.

To carry backpack on one shoulder is in fashion but it can cause

long-term neck, shoulder, back, and postural problems. To avoid this problem carry bag on both the shoulders.

Thus, parents need to be an advocate for their children book bags in order to create solutions to this problem. Teachers and Principals should also recognize the existing problem and take action in this aspect. Parents should work with their child?s school administrators to ensure that he remains free of back pain and injuries.