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Boxing bags or Punching Bags as they are generally known are very important item for any boxer. A stuffed or inflated leather bag that is usually suspended so that it can be punched with the fists for exercise.

A punching bag is a well-built bag designed to be repeatedly punched, for use in exercise or physical training.

kAs stepping into a boxing ring without proper training could be quite dangerous so first practice is done on the punching bag. Punching bags are an important device in helping the boxers develops their skills. The heavy, large punching Boxing bags a few even resemble human torsos, allow fighters to practice strategies of high and low punching sequences. The smaller raindrop-shaped punching bags help the boxer become more precise, quick, and coordinated in their attacks. The punching bags are generally made of thick foam padding encased in leather, vinyl, or another composite material.

Someone who trains using a punching bag is usually trying to improve any one of the following physical strength, cardiac fitness, or technique.

Boxing bags are frequently filled with grains or other material, and are usually affixed to, or hung from, a stand of some sort. The design of a punching bag should be so strong that it should allow it to take repeated and constant physical ill-treatment and not break. Without causing undue harm to the user it must absorb the impact of blows.

Punching bags are a modern invention but pells have been used in martial arts and swordplay for as long as there is a written history of military training. Types of boxing bags

Standing Bags are also known as Wavemasters. They are ideal for those who will be both kicking and punching as the foam padding on a standing bag being closer to the ground provides more striking surface. Standing bags have wide rounded bases and can be easily rolled away; an excellent feature if space is at a best.

Standing bags can either be filled with water or sand. Bags filled with water is preferred generally in all cases due to the wave-like motion and energy feedback that it provides. Sand-filled bags mostly have a thick, rock-like feel to them, but are heavier than bag filled with water. Water filled bags weigh roughly 270lbs. when filled.

Chains and hooks to a wall mount or hanger suspend heavy bags or hanging bags. Hanging bags are extremely durable and provide a fluid workout, which develops both cardiovascular stamina and strength. Hanging bags make a great addition to a gym or home training studio. Hanging bags offer a little sway so it is good for improving coordination and footwork.

The weight of bag is very important. The heavier a bag is the less it will sway, a little swaying is good but too

much sway will mean the bag will be swinging back and forth making it tricky to hit. Too little sway and hitting the bag will be like hitting a wall, and the bag will not take up the impact which over a period of time could cause harm to muscles and bones.

A person of 5'8 height with " 170 pound weight who punches fairly hard should choose a 60 or 70lb. bag. Persons who hit harder might want to choose a 100lb. bag while lighter hitters should look for something closer to 40lbs. If to work on speed and accuracy then you should choose a bag with a smaller striking surface such a 25lb. bag.

A leather bag will be extremely long-term and feel at ease when struck while wearing either bag gloves or boxing gloves. Water core or wave bags are the water-filled hanging bags that are changeable in weight. They can be under-filled for a lighter weight and more sway. Bags with vinyl surfaces such as the vinyl heavy bag offer great resilience while preserving the preferred softer feel of leather.

If the bag is to be used outdoors then it will be better to have a look at the Indoor Outdoor Heavy Bag. This bag has a waterproof exterior shell that protects it from the elements and makes it a perfect choice for anyone who lacks the indoor space to hang a heavy bag,

The hanging bags need additional hardware before they can be used but the heavy bags can be easily attached to wall mounts as well as rafter hangers and heavy bag stands.

The Desktop Punching Bag is an enjoyable way to relive stress at home or in the office. Designed to look and act like a real speed bag, the Desktop Bag will take what ever you throw at it. The large suction-cup bottom adheres to most smooth surfaces, while the steel spring will provide quick rebounds.

SPEED BAG HEAVY BAG WALL MOUNT is designed to hold a speed bag or a heavy bag, there are no tools required for changing between a heavy bag and a speed bag, it changes in seconds. The mounting brackets are made of heavy gauge steel tubing with predrilled mounting holes for 16 inch or 24 inch center-stud spacing. The heavy gauge angle iron is welded for a vibration free workout.

PRIME FIGHTER SPEED BAG WALL MOUNT is a superbly sturdy bag without the bul. Comes with a Professional Swivel and a Century Red and Black Vinyl Speed Bag.

Colloquially, a person is called a "punching bag" if one perceives the person as being the subject of constant and unwarranted attacks.