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Golf is a game of many facets. On the one hand it is the most elegant of all sports. The richest classiest people make it their hobby and the setting itself is the last word in sophisticated beauty. On the other hand, there is the matter of golf-wear. Checked pants, straw hats, 18th century cardigans and clunky shoes don't exactly add up to suave.

Fortunately you can show off your inherent sense of style with a smart golf bag. Hey, it the one thing that wll stick with you no matter what your handicap. So while it fulfils its utilitarian duty of lugging around your golf set, make sure it also stylish and comfortable to use.

There are a few general points you need to keep in mind when shopping for a golf bag. The most important point to keep in mind is the way you wll be carrying it. Choose a golf bag that matches that style. Most people either use a caddie or golf cart, while others prefer to carry it themselves. Depending on what youa are more comfortable with you can choose from a variety of bags that include tour bags, travel bags and cart bags.

Professional golfers use golf bags that fall in the category of tour bags. These are big enough to carry an entire 14-club golf set as well as other golf equipment and are usually carried by the caddie. Travel bags are used by those who like to carry their own golf bags, are smaller and lighter and have just enough space for basic golf equipment. As the moniker suggests, cart bags are designed to be carried on a cart. Although smaller and with fewer pockets, these bags tend to be bulkier than tour bags.

Callaway Golf Bags Callaway has been synonymous with the game of golf for over two decades and has come to symbolize quality and innovation in the game of golf.

They pride themselves in manufacturing and selling top-notch golf equipment and accessories and in providing a huge boost and support to the game of golf. Callaway latest collection offers golf bags in essentially two broad categories: Cart bags and Stand bags. Within these categories you can choose bags that are specially designed for tours, for men, and for women. Callaway Cart Bags As mentioned earlier, Cart Bags are essentially designed to be carried on carts. Within this range, Callaway offers six different kinds of bags.

The 9.5 and 10.5 Tour Bag: Available in black-silver and black-orange, this bag is available for around $375 in the United States. This golf bag is most often used by Callaway Golf Tour Professionals and features full-length club organization with 2 easy-access water bottle pockets and double strap connections. It tough and long lasting and can handle the wear and tear that comes along with extended usage.

The Men Collection: Specially designed for the discerning male, this bag is available in olive, black and graphite. Retailing at about $240 in the US, it has a tiered top and 6-way, multi-tiered divider system with an enlarged putter pit. It has 6 pockets for easy organization of all golf accessories, and comes with real leather accents.

The Women Collection/Country Club Bag: This bag is slimmer and sleeker than the men collection and is available in six colors. Retailing at about $240 in the US, it features a 7-way divider system with a 9-inch top design. It has 7 pockets, including 2 velour-lined pockets for your valuables. As a special shout out to the ladies it includes a matching accessory purse and 4 matching head covers.

The X460 Bag: Available in two combinations: black-silver-blue and black-silver-red, the X460 costs around $225 in the US. It has a 10-way, multi-level Wood type divider system, over 12 pockets and a unique load-bearing carry handle. It saliency lies in its spaciousness and it includes a separate valuables pouch and an insulated beverage pocket.

The ORG14 Bag: Available in 5 different color combinations, including a special ladies charcoal-shiraz, this bag retails at $190 in the US. It has 14 compartments and an external enclosure for the putter. It features a special Anti-Crush System, which prevents the bag from crushing while on its side and reduces the weight to 7 pounds. It has 10 pockets, including a separate pouch where you can keep your valuables.

The Big Bertha Bag: One of Callaway newest offerings, the Big Bertha is available in red, black, navy and silver

and sells for about $165 in the US. It is a lightweight cart bag, with an individual putter pit, 7 pockets and an extra water bottle pocket made from mesh .

Callaway Stand Bags Callaway Stand Bags are designed to stand, rather than be kept in a cart. When not being carried it can be hoisted on the ground with the help of a metallic stand. Here too, you can choose from six different bags.

The Terra Firma XI Bag: This bag is available in four striking colors and retails at $250 in the US. It features Callaway Golf 'XTRA Traction Technology' (XTT), one that helps in more stability during activation. Simply out, XTT is a 7 Finger Hinge System that allows the bag to activate with a wider, more stable footprint. It has a 7-way, full-length divider system and separate putter pit. It features 8 pockets, including a hidden valuables pocket, an insulated beverage pocket, as well as a special pocket for the patented Sharpie Pen.

The Hybrid 45 Bag: Available in five dual color combinations, it sells at about $210 in the US. It has a multi-tiered top with 8-way, full-length divider system, oversized putter pit and large metal woods compartment. It also features a zipperless bottom ball pocket and strap to keep the bag stabilized while riding on a cart.

The Terra Firm X Bag: Part of the terra firma series, this bag is available in five colors and retails at $190 in the US. Like the Terra Firm XI mentioned above, it features Callaway Golf XTRA Traction Technology (XTT) and the 7 Finger Hinge System. It also has a full-length divider system, putter pit and 6 pockets, including a hidden pocket for valuables.

The 3.8 Ultra Light Bag: At 3.8 pounds, this easy-to-carry bag is for those who like to walk around with their golf bag and retails at $160 in the US. Available in four colors, it comes divided 6-ways wirh 6 pockets, including a hidden valuables pocket.

The Warbird XTT Bag: Retailing at $125 in the US, this bag is available in 5 different colors. It features Callaway Golf XTRA Traction Technology (XTT) and has a full-length divider system.

The Pencil Golf Bag: This slim bag is available in the US in a dark gray shade for around $30. Weighing in at 2.5 pounds, it is specially designed to be carried as it is lightweight and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Ideal for a quick trip to the range or when you don't want to carry the entire set; it also holds a full set.

Depending on a person needs, he or she can choose from Callaway wide range of golf bags as the perfect accessory on the golf course. These golf bags come not only with Callaway reputation but also with the satisfaction of their many customers from around the world.