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Burlap Bag A woven cloth made of jute, hemp or flax fibres is known as BURLAP. The bag made of this material is called BURLAP BAG. This material is a natural and is coarse and the texture of the material is very rough. In its most basic form it has natural beige color and large weave pattern. It is a densely woven fabric which is strong as well as inexpensive. It most common usage is to make packaging, such as sacks and bags to ship goods like coffee beans.

Due to jute yarn it is used for a large range of applications and is exported all over the world both in cloth form and in most cases in the form of bags. Both cloth and bags are made in a wide variety of fabrics in accordance with buyer's specifications The company whose goods are stored is generally printed on the bag which helps in identification of goods as well as company. Due to Burlap’s quality is same as steel rebar in concrete, it reinforces the linoleum and gives it a little linear structure. Burlap is also used to cover the underneath side of the carpet as it provides base to it. The burlap use for bags is first of all weaved in cloth. The cloth is made in different width and weights, depending upon the use for which it is intended. Quite often Burlap tote bags replace paper or plastic bags as an ecological alternative for grocery packing. Due to its biodegradable nature it means that the potato and apple sacks would eventually disintegrate without harming the environment. The unconventional industries are kept cost-effectively practical by using jute and hemp fibers to form burlap. A common feature seen on the BURLAP BAG is the attractive lithographic images, much like packing crates which can be used to craft decorative tapestries or lampshades with the right combination of craft tools and skills. Burlap is flexible is accessible in a wide range of widths, weights and constructions. Burlap can be dyed or printed, sewn, treated for rot-proofing, laminated, coated to meet any special necessity. BURLAP BAG strong as well as cost effective, so on the whole packaging cost comes down. Due to the rugged strength of BURLAP BAG it can stand up rough handling in transportation so this leads to additional economy as freedom from breakage reduces handling costs and avoids loss of contents from destruction of the bag. Key Benefits of Burlap Bag are as follows: • Durable • Biodegradable • Economical • Most desirable for rip-rap uses • Flexible packaging applications The well known company Dayton Bag & Burlap Co. manufactures Burlap Bag to as per your specifications. If a product is not in stock, custom manufacture of a burlap bag to particular specifications is also done. On the top tie a drawstring, or tag to your bag, or get custom print bag with your logo. Dayton Bag & Burlap Co. also keeps in stock clean and in order “Once Dumped” used Heavy Coffee bags, Peanut bags, Sisal/Grass bags in stock for immediate shipment. Use around the plant or on your trucks for heavy parts, forgings, and chains. Nice, Clean, and Best of all “Recyclable”. Another good site to search for use Burlap Bag is They are the suppliers of the original ‘Olive Drab” military burlap sandbag. After treating the burlap for rot and mildew resistance to withstand moisture and sun longer than the plain burlap sandbags they are passed for use. These burlap sandbags are of the same specification as the Class A Requirements of U.S. Military . You can look for the custom-made Burlap Bag if you have some extra money to spend. The burlap is food-grade so it adds to its treatment with vegetable-based solvent in the manufacturing process to make it safe for coffee, etc. Burlap has many applications which includes bags made of burlap for agricultural and industrial products. The BURLAP SANDBAGS have excellent use temporary housing and are used by military and local governments.

Burlap sandbags work as temporary protective barriers and are useful for flood and traffic control. Burlap Bag create earthbag housing and traditionally had this purpose. Burlap sandbags during passage of time rot if not covered or protected for the elements. Burlap bags are superb choice when a natural material is necessary for flood control, levee, trench, berm construction, equipment storage and transportation. If these bags are not exposed they will last indefinitely. • Burlap Bag are available many sizes for sandbags, and are also used for feed, grain, grass seed, fertilizer, sugar, beans, rice and coal. • Burlap Coffee Bags and Jute Coffee Sacks • Burlap coffee sacks are a different type of BURLAP BAG and are used by coffee farmers around the world to package and export their green coffee beans. These coffee bags are made of a special woven fabric called "Jute". There are many creative and unique uses for these burlap coffee bags. • Burlap is reusable so burlap bags can be used to store their coffee. The large size burlap bag is recycled and the original 60 and 70 Kilo burlap coffee bags is cut in smaller sizes and sew them into smaller bags to use for better storage of green coffee beans. A very unique quality of burlap is that it allows the coffee beans to breathe and keeps condensation from forming as can happen when stored in a plastic bag. A pull cord can be attached at the top to draw the bag closed. With little artistic artwork you can make each bag unique with lettering or other patterns as they are cut from the original coffee bags. • Burlap Flour Bag • Jute Sand Bags • Natural Fiber Flour Sacks • Flour Sackings • Burlap Coffee Bag • Burlap Corn Sack • Burlap Wheat Sacks • Grain Packaging Burlap Bags Jute, Cotton, Canvas Bags for promotional, gifts, shopping customised & printed as required AquaDam Water Structures Water filled alternative to sand bags for erosion and flood control. Canvas bags Made in India Ultra Oil Filters Indian Valley Industries, Inc. Johnson City, NY produce Bags; bags: burlap; blankets; bag covers; Burros Burlap Bag Company, Inc. Brooklyn, NY Produces Bagging; bags; bags: burlap; bags: cotton; bags: flour, meal, feed, etc.; bags: The Carnegie Textile Company Cleveland, OH Produces Aprons: canvas, duck, etc.; bags: burlap; bags: cotton Central Ohio Bag & Burlap Inc. Columbus, OH Produces: Shipping bags, envelopes Bags