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Bingo-a popular past time: The increasing popularity of Bingo across the country has helped spawn a set of accessories essential for regular players to feel comfortable with. These accessories include Bingo bags, bingo cushions, personal markers or stampers and cards and the advantage is that it all fits into bingo bag if it is spacious enough to accommodate extras along with lotions, medicines, snack bars, keys etc.

Ask a regular Bingo player his or her choice of gift and without any qualms the answer would be bingo bags with maximum pockets or special bingo cushions or good luck charms. Large bags of any make or material are appreciated when compared with single pocket tote bags. This again depends on gender preferences, styles and dislikes and whether professional or amateur or a one time indulger but it does make a difference if a player walks in with personalized playing kit.

How it began: Bingo Bags were not always there as what we take pleasure in today was basically a lottery game played in Italy and known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia. From Italy it entered neighboring France and eventually different versions of Bingo spread over Europe reaching the United States around 1929. In the USA it was discovered by Edwin S. Lowe, a traveling salesman, who chanced upon European version of the game at a carnival in Atlanta, Georgia. It was being played under a tent with ordinary beans used as square covers and once player succeeded in covering all squares he would yell 'Beano'. Whoever shouted first was declared winner. Lowe was intrigued enough to introduce this game to New York continuing with beans as markers along with cardboard grids and number stamps. The game was modified to include single rows or columns and it was an instant hit as can be gauged from the excited call of 'bingo' instead of staid 'beano'. The 'shout' stuck and henceforth the lottery or gamble was marketed as Bingo throughout the country. There are different variations with 12 or a 24-card set and prize money but rules stay same.

Individual Category: With passage of time and developing enthusiasm Bingo Bags is fast turning into a mass game with its own set of followers and accessories. The one negative aspect is that it has still to attain the enviable position of golf, tennis or any other individual or team game. A professional bingo player misses out on recognition heaped on other sportspersons and is mostly known in particular circle or association. Bingo is basically gambling in restricted form with players given a set of cards with different numbered squares and when particular number is called, they are required to place markers on them. It sounds easy but then luck, alertness and attitude is crucial in maintaining continuous winning streak. There is no second chance as numbers are randomly selected and first person to mark complete number set is declared winner. The difference between European and American Bingo is that in the USA it is a 75 number call as compared with 90 in Britain. Lines called are horizontal, vertical or diagonal or full card depending on where and when it is being played. Schools for educational activities adapt bingo and this is one reason for children accompanying grownups for weekly Bingo games at clubs or carnivals. The reason Bingo is a game of chance rather than skill facilitating access and offering excitement at preferential cost to more and more Americans.

A Matching Game: Bingo is a social and happening game promoted by clubs, associations, religious and social

organizations, churches and schools as means of interaction between members or to earn money for charities. Even though belonging to same category as other gambling past time, Bingo enjoys an aura of respectability raking in millions as prize money. In 8 out of 10 cases a single game turns into addiction cutting across genders and age and maximum time allotted from busy working or non-working schedules. In this competitive scenario appearance makes a difference and to compliment mood and sartorial style, Bingo Bags in matching fabrics and designs are available across country stores. Sizes vary from as high or large as 12.5 or smaller versions made with washable fabrics, leather or cloth with drawstrings or buckles for easy closing. Pockets or compartments, sometimes more than 10, add that touch of convenience being wide enough to store or keep daubers and useful junk. There are no restrictions as a bingo bag is a personal statement often highlighted by embellishments and stickers. An enterprising person can make one at home and if professional player then all the more reason as Bingo is a game of luck and majority bingo enthusiasts are superstitious preferring carrying same bag everyday.

The argument in favor of Bingo Bags is that if golf or tennis players have special carry bags for their sports equipment why not a bingo player. Women are more enthused towards bingo bags as bag serves dual purpose of carry bag or purse for cosmetics, medicines, house keys or office papers and snacks or eatables along with bingo accessories. Similar to celebrity golf, tennis or any other sport player, bingo players too prefer to have particular design, make and color manufactured for them. The best and uncomplicated way to locate bingo bag of choice is to surf the net and select from makes available. One can order on the internet or visit listed stores to have first hand view. After all whether bingo bag is made of vinyl, leather, plastic, paper or cloth and is small, large or big with one, two or ten compartments, it is luck that makes it invaluable.