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The world of modern furnishings:

This world is shrinking …….In every sense of the word. Communication channels have

made the world a small place to live in. With the population bomb ticking people have started feeling what we call the “space crunch” . Bungalows & palatial houses have been replaced by skyscrapers just to accommodate more people in them.

The space constraint is so huge that the area of space that can be allocated to 1 person isn’t enough to sleep!!!

That’s why apartment areas are also shrinking. Now if a family gets lesser space to live in Luggage, backpacks, briefcases, and more at

there are many things that the family has to think about. The 1st thing that a family thinks of is cutting on furnishing space 1st. large couches have been replaced by the more space economical ones. Traditional & ethnic furnishing has given way to modern furnishings .Stuff like bean bags & foldable sofas have replaced the traditional contemporaries & have thus resulted in saving of space.

These modern furnishings have really brought about a sea of change in the concept of furniture.

People previously looked to things like sofas as a single use commodity. This is replaced by more useful modern furnishings which look good & also serve multiple purposes. Modern furniture comes in different shapes & sizes & is extremely light weight. People can stuff almost anything into it & kids can also play around with it. Bean bags for example are available in various shapes including shapes that resemble a toy. Luggage, backpacks, briefcases, and more at

If anything can be stuffed into this then people as an utilization of space take it as a bag where all unused stuff can be put in. Imagine this – These types of furniture can be stuffed with pastas, rice, beans , fiberfill, stuffed & a lot of other things .

Polyester fiberfill is extremely light weight & can be used to play around courtesy the crazy shapes it comes in.

Fiberfill is a non allergic & harmless thing which can be safely used in stuffing these bean bags set.

Due to the light weight & good amount of flexibility in the stuffing these furnishings can come in a Small Bean Bag!!!!

If that’s not enough they can be set up at any place you want. You can take it over for a picnic or can just set it up near your fireplace.

Since this fiber is non inflammable it can be used safely near fireplaces.

It’s also comfortable & the fill seamlessly fits into the cover.

These types of furnishings are very much mobile & this reduces packing & moving costs.

The chair is really comfortable & people have narrated experiences stating that “This chair gives me the comfort of

my mom’s lap”. & “I’d prefer to sleep here rather than my bed!!!”

Since this furniture is available in various shapes & colors they can also act as cozy beds for children.

People have narrated that “My kid loves to sleep here & when she is awake she plays with it. This is one of her favorite toys”.

This piece of furniture can be remade into different shapes & instructions to make out different shapes are usually enclosed in the instruction booklet with the add on parts.

Usually there is enough fill provided with most brands of bean bags but it’s not compulsory that the brand you are buying has the fiber with it.

The fiber is available at all departmental stores. You can buy extra fiber if u feel u may require it, but usually it’s not necessary as 1 packet of it is necessary enough to make all the shapes. The default shape is usually pre-stitched & extra pieces is available as templates.

To change the shape you just have to refer to the instruction booklet. You may need to use a pair of scissors to match the seam & since all the add ones are reusable they must be kept away with care. You may require a pair of sharp scissors to cut the templates ….That’s it. Nothing else is needed.

Make the desired shape as instructed the instruction booklet, fill in the fiber & you are ready with your ALL NEW BEAN BAG.

Isn’t that interesting Once your kid gets bored out of the shape, then you just need to take out your pair of scissors & the templates, refer to the instruction booklet & remake it all. After this, if needed, stuff in some more fiber if the shape is seemingly larger than the previous shape.

You are good to go. So your child gets interest in the new shape & you save some money that you would invest in a new toy for your kid.

That’s really a good saving huh!!

I know parents of young children have a hard time convincing kids about something they want but their parents just cant afford at that point of time.

With the new shape the kid is happy again & their parents are even happier to see their kid happy.

The best part is that when the kid loses interest in all the shapes, you just have to wrap off the cover & keep the fiber safe. When you have some extra guests at home, just take the things out & u have an extra seating arrangement.

As with all things, bean bags chair also have a disadvantage – they are not washable.

So once you get stains on it & especially the stubborn ones there is sadly no way out. Still, this furnishing is so useful that one can easily neglect the drawbacks of it.

After all, it entertains your kid, it acts as a mobile furniture & you can wrap it off while changing places or shifting. What’s more is that it also fits the home décor & does not look odd at any interior décor setting.