Dubai Rental Guide:
Finding Your Dream Apartment In The City Of Gold


Dubai skyline


Ranking 2nd on the list of top cities for 2023, Dubai is the dream destination for people worldwide. The city is a modern marvel, with its skyline being the epitome of architectural innovation. With a population of 3,051,000 as of 2024, Dubai offers its residents unparalleled luxury.

If you want to find your dream apartment in Dubai, this guide is for you. This guide will explore the top areas for renting an apartment in Dubai, the rental market overview, and more. Buckle up for a ride through the city of gold, where dreams meet luxurious realities.


Dubai's Rental Market Overview

According to The Dubai Rental Report 2023 made by CBRE, the overall Dubai rental market saw a 22% increase in 2023. There has been a significant transaction surge, and different real estate companies have also recorded increased demand.

When renting an apartment in Dubai, you need to keep in mind a few factors:



The highly luxurious lifestyle in Dubai comes at a hefty cost of living. Residential options in Dubai are arguably the most expensive in the entire world. So when you start searching for an apartment in Dubai, keep in mind that the prices will be higher. For example, according to DMCC, the average cost of a 1-bedroom Dubai apartment in 2023 was AED 7,068.17 monthly.



Apartment rent in Dubai may be high, but the luxuries make up for it. Dubai apartments are not your day-to-day residential flats; they offer anything from a gym to a swimming pool, a cinema room, a massive garage in case of a villa, and a parking space. Nothing is off-limits in Dubai. So, when you seek your dream apartment, list your priority amenities.

Other amenities you may consider are retail stores, community gardens and playgrounds within the vicinity of your apartment. Also, look out for facilities like laundry service, cinema, smart access, and gymnasiums.



Dubai offers you all kinds of residential options, from studio apartments to 1-5 bedroom flats and villas. The size of your desired apartment in Dubai will depend on your family size and preference. The average length of a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai would range between 750 sq.ft and 1300 sq.ft. However, the size range can change depending on different areas of the city.



Dubai is a large city, and there are several different locations for you to explore. If you are searching for a beach and the sun, you can explore the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Those looking for a premium Dubai experience of modern architecture and that world-famous skyline can look for an apartment in Downtown Dubai. Whichever location you choose in the 1610 square kilometer city, you will have a lavish life and amenities to savor. Consider choosing locations near metro stations, malls, community parks, schools and other landmarks.


Top Areas for Renting an Apartment in Dubai

Dubai is home to several extravagant neighborhoods, each known for its charm and character. The city is a dream destination for sun-seekers and sky-scrapers alike, with its golden sands and soaring ambitions beckoning adventurers and luxury seekers in equal measure. Given below are the most popular areas you can consider renting an apartment in:


Downtown Dubai

The most famous part of Dubai for which the entire world knows this city is Downtown Dubai. Famous for the ever-incredible Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (828 meters), this part of Dubai is where life is at its peak. With amenities of all kinds and luxuries you would have dreamt of, Downtown Dubai offers you other iconic landmarks such as the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, and more. Restaurants, parks, and recreational activities of all kinds await you with a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

The area offers a wide variety of residential options, ranging from studio apartments to flats and villas. However, apartment rents in Downtown Dubai tend to be higher as compared to some of the other parts of the city. According to bayut Q3 2023 market report, the average rent for apartments in Downtown Dubai was as follows in 2023:

  • Studio: AED 86,000
  • 1-bedroom: AED 133,000 per year
  • 2-bedroom: AED 245,000 per year
  • 3-bedroom villa: AED 415,000 per year


Dubai Marina

With stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, this waterfront community offers you luxury in a unique way. The Dubai Marina is a luxury that everyone wants, with its abundance of restaurants serving international cuisine and shopping centers housing the biggest names in the world. Apart from that, this part of Dubai has some of the tallest residential towers in the world.

Renting apartments at the Dubai Marina means amenities and luxuries of all kinds, but the rent prices are high, too. According to bayut Q3 2023 market report, the average rent for apartments at Dubai Marina in 2023 was as follows:

  • Studio: 73,000 AED per year.
  • 1-bedroom: 109,000 AED per year
  • 2-bedroom: 154,000 AED per year
  • 3-bedroom Villa: 261,000 AED per year


Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Some of you may not enjoy the hustle and bustle of Downtown or the Marina, but Jumeirah Beach is the place for you. Relax under the sun on the beach and enjoy beverages of all kinds. This part of the city offers luxury apartments and houses with facilities like swimming pools, gyms, and much more. The rent in this part of the city is cheaper than Downtown. Here are the average rents as of 2023 as per Dubizzle:

  • Studio:82,000 AED Per Year
  • 1-bedroom: AED 130,000 per year
  • 2-bedroom: AED 194,000 per year


Business Bay

As the name suggests, this part is known for the commercial offices and apartments needed by professionals. As it is located close to Downtown Dubai, it offers great food and activity options for residents. According to the data gathered by Dubizzle, the average rents at Business Bay are as follows:

  • Studio: AED 69,000 yearly
  • 1-bedroom: AED 90,000 yearly
  • 2-bedroom: AED 137,000 yearly
  • 3-bedroom Villa: 222,000 AED yearly


Affordable Areas to Rent an Apartment in Dubai

If you are someone who is looking for cheaper residential options in Dubai, here are the areas for you with the approximate rates from Dubizzle:

  • Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC): AED 51,000 for a 1-bedroom and AED 73,000 for a 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom villa for 169,000 AED, 4-bedroom penthouse for 180,000 and 5-bedroom for 186,000 per year.
  • Bur Dubai: AED 50,000 for a 1-bedroom and AED 70,000 for a 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom villas for 222,000 AED yearly.
  • Deira: AED 43,000 for a 1-bedroom and AED 62,000 for a 2-bedroom.


Final Thoughts

Living in Dubai is a dream for people from across the world. This dream can now be realized far easier than you may think. Renting an apartment in Dubai requires careful consideration of your budget, amenities preferences, and the size and location of your choice. However, please note that the rent prices can change over a period of time depending on various factors. Hence, you must conduct research on the property portal before making a decision. The city has both luxury and affordable options. Rent a Dubai apartment now and live a luxurious life in the city of gold.