Enrichment Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained While You're Away




Whether you have a new puppy or are looking for new enrichment toys, there are enough toys to keep your dog stimulated and entertained for hours. Our furry companions give us unconditional love and loyalty. One of the best ways to repay them is with reciprocity and toys that will keep them captivated while we're away.

If you live in an apartment and are looking for smaller toys that won't take up space, here's a complete list of pet-approved toys.


Puzzle Toys

Satiate your dog's appetite while exercising its mind with these puzzle toys. A dog's instinct is to hunt for food. Nearly all dogs have predatory behavioral patterns. Channel that tendency into something productive with a puzzle toy. Your dog will feel a sense of accomplishment with a good helping of stimulation.

A lot of times, behavioral issues are rooted in boredom. Stocking up on puzzle games that are easy to fit into small compartments will be an ideal toy that will minimize boredom.

Food puzzles are a great enrichment toy. While playing with moderately complex food mazes, your dog will exercise his brain muscles and enjoy his meal. As a bonus, if your dog is a fast eater, this bowl will help pace him.

Put your dog's foraging skills to work with these feeding puzzles for dogs:


Plush Interactive Toys

Plush interactive toys are great for averting boredom in both young and older dogs. They're also helpful when trying to ease your dog's post-pandemic separation anxiety.

Hide-and-seek puzzles, like the Laifug Hidden Squirrel Plush Dog Toy with interactive squeaky dog toy hide and seek toy features, allow your dog to play with a soft, small plush toy and pull apart the pieces. This dog toy is ingenious because the toy multiplies when torn apart.

The best plush interactive toys for your feisty dog:


DIY Toys

For long days when your dog is huddled up at home, make sure they have plenty of toys and games to keep them happy. Sometimes, the best toys come from improvising and repurposing household items.

Dogs love playing with empty water bottles. One way of upcycling a plastic water bottle is to turn it into a food puzzle toy. Remove the plastic ring and the packaging plastic. Fill the bottle with some dog food, and your dog has a new DIY toy.

Another brilliant DIY dog toy idea is taking a few old shirts, braiding them together, and tying each end. This DIY project makes a great tug-of-war and chew toy.

Get creative when coming up with ways to keep your puppy entertained. Keep your pets safe by frequently checking all toys. If the toy is coming apart or unraveling, take it away to avoid choking or other issues. If you need more inspiration or would like to read more personal and informative stories on all things about our beloved pets, follow Vetster's lifestyle blog.

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