10 Differences Between Quartz And Marble That You Might Have Missed



Thinking to renovate your kitchen? What kind of countertop would you like to have? Quartz or marble? Well, both are visually pleasing to the eyes but there are numerous factors that need to be considered such as the design, ambiance, and your budget, before having these lavish pieces in your kitchen.

To make things easy for you, we are here with the kitchen countertop comparison of quartz versus marble that would help you choose the best option for your new kitchen. Let's have a look.

Kitchen island, sink


  1. Natural V/S Manufactured

    The quartz is an engineered stone produced with a resin compound and has the natural tendency of being durable. It is available in different shades of blue, grey, black and white.

    Whereas marble is a rock, metamorphic to be precise, originated from the limestone. Its color ranges from neutral to white to pure black. And it is usually named after its place of discovery.


  3. Composition

    Quartz is a mineral made of silicon dioxide and has the chemical makeup in it. Pure quartz has a neutral color, with the impurities and chemicals in it, it can adopt any color on earth.

    Whereas marble is made up of pressure and heat throughout the years and comes with an unparalleled shine.


  5. Uniform Designs V/S Natural Appearance

    Quartz comes in coherent designs and colors. If you are hoping to give your kitchen a uniform look, Quartz is a better option.
    Marble, on the other hand, marble has a classical touch with unique veining and coloring on each slab, the best examples of which are Calcatta Marble and Crema Marfil marble.


  7. Appearance

    Quartz comes in a variety of pattern looks and veining, giving your kitchen countertop a fantastic look. This makes its duplicity unmanageable.
    On the other hand, marble engraves minerals in it which color it as veins and swirls with asymmetrical patterns and varying dimensions and depth.


  9. Durability

    Quartz is resistant to bacteria, scratches, and acidic liquids, and requires less maintenance. The only disadvantage Quartz has is that its thermal resistance capacity is much lesser than marble.

    Marble surpasses Quartz in heat resistance and with proper sealing, it resists staining and scratches.


  11. Installation

    In the case of quartz countertop installation, the seaming is easy to cover and designs are consistent, so its installation is a bit easier than marble.
    In marble installation, covering the seaming or the gap is very tricky and time taking. A professional may try to keep it less obvious, but it will still be there.


  13. Honed V/S Polished Look

    It's completely up to you to choose between the polished or honed marble or quartz countertop. If you want to give your kitchen a glossy look, go for polished slabs, if a matte or honed look suits your taste, get it. In the end, it's all about looks, and both marble and quartz can be polished and honed.


  15. Maintenance

    Quartz is less expensive in pricing and installation and demands low maintenance in the long run. Marble is a bit more expensive than Quartz but with continuous sealing, stays in a tip-top condition.


  17. Longevity

    With time, both Quartz and marble lose their vigor and color. Quartz if exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time, changes the color of its chemical makeup and turns yellow.
    Marbles get darker with time plus it needs constant maintenance in the form of sealing, in other cases, it will be porous and lose its resilience.


  19. Resale Value - Marble V/S Quartz

    Marble or quartz installed anywhere in your house, not only gives a beautiful look to your home but also adds to the resale value of the property. As marble gives luxurious vibes, it may give you an additional advantage over quartz.


    Both quartz and marble can be installed on the floor and walls as tiles, as the kitchen countertops, powder and bathroom vanities, and backsplashes. No matter if you choose a quartz or marble countertop, it adds beauty to your kitchen and home and give it a modern outlook.