Commonplace Issues Plaguing Washing Machines


Washing machines like any other household appliances that have complex mechanisms can face regular breakdowns. Most issues are pretty common and can be easily solved by certified professionals. You might be experiencing one of the following issues with your own washing machine:

  • Leaks
  • Water not heating up
  • The drum not spinning
  • Extreme loudness
  • Various settings not working properly
  • Clothes not coming out clean

Most of us can't handle these malfunctions by ourselves and require professional assistance with the matter. Even figuring out what's causing the failures can be a challenge. Professionals, however, have access to special tools that allow them to perform precise diagnostics. This helps speed up and simplify the repairs.

Finding the right experts for the job is crucial. The internet helps in that regard. Simply typing in appliance repair Toronto near me is a great way to have a wide selection of companies and individual service people at your disposal. A labourer recommended to you by a friend is also a good way to go. A top-notch professional will help resolve the trouble you're facing for a long time.


The Causes

Person doing a repair

The aforementioned malfunctions are usually caused by important parts of the machine suffering breakdowns. If the water isn't heating up properly, it's usually due to impairment with the heating tubes, a flaw with the power supply or the control chip. This can be extremely frustrating to deal with and require specialized approaches to preserve the mechanisms.

Leaks can be caused by a wide range of failures with the pipes, cuffs, gaskets or even the drum itself. Fixing the leakages if they come up is vital, as water damage resulting from a broken down device can end up being extremely pricey.

If your washer isn't taking on water or faces trouble draining you're most likely dealing with clogged filters. Problems with filters can also cause washing powder not to be used up properly or for it to be spewed out. Checking your filters regularly and keeping them clean is important to the well-being of your washer in general.

Some of the most difficult malfunctions to repair, however, typically stem from a broken-down engine drum or serpentine belt. These can require thorough and expensive servicing. Hopefully, though, the trouble you're facing can be fixed with a replaced drive belt.

The bane of all washing machines is a breakdown in the internal electronics. It can manifest as temporary malfunctions that pop up and then disappear again. They will be different and will haunt you on and off.


Summing up

Best case scenario is that your washer will just operate for a long period of time without requiring professional help. You can help in that regard by regularly cleaning out the filters, routinely removing any gunk, debris and other foreign objects. Take care of your appliances and they will keep taking care of you. Hand washing your clothes isn't really a viable option anymore.