Choosing Ko Samui. What attracts foreign real estate investors to the Thai island?


Samui is a wonderful resort island that welcomes tourists all year round. Many people are so attracted to it that they dare to buy a house or build it themselves. If you dream to live here, then do not stop and hope somewhere in your head, and implement your plans. Although the laws in Thailand slightly restrict foreigners in the purchase of houses and land, for many years, thanks to proven schemes both buying and building take place successfully. Real estate for sale in Ko Samui is chosen by thousands foreign investors for permanent stay and renting out. In this article, we will discuss what attracts house buyers to the island and whether the purchase definitely pays off.


Ko Samui Island, houses


The real estate market in Ko Samui

The number of tourists on Ko Samui is growing exponentially, economy-class hotels are torn down, and in their place built beautiful, popular hotels around the world. This generates a demand for real estate, the price of land and square meters is growing every day, and experts say that this is just the beginning, because the resort is very young.

There is a wide range of affordable real estate on Ko Samui, such as condos, villas and detached houses.


The price of real estate in Ko Samui

A 300-square-meter home on a 6-acre lot with four bedrooms, a pool and a garden can be purchased for $270,000. Approximately with the same parameters the estate in Spain is worth $ 1,500,000, in Greece $1,700,000, in Miami $1,900,000, and in the Bahamas $2,200,000. More beneficial housing options you can see on the website Thailand-Real.Estate. Frequently updated information and a selection of advanced high-quality houses are available for investigation.

The properties are generally characterized by the following features:

  • On the island for sale "projects with a plan" - these are plots of land in the development area, assuming the presence of roads, water, electricity, security and maintenance services.
  • The most liquid real estate objects are houses in cottage communities. Depending on the area of dislocation, the price of a homestead with a house, swimming pool, garden starts at $150,000.
  • Low-cost projects include the construction of duplex apartments with a total area of 160-180 square meters, located in the block sections in a closed, protected area, where there is a common pool, garden and parking. The cost of such properties starts at $80,000.
  • Recently the Ko Samui real estate market is increasingly appearing projects of condominiums. As a rule, the building is not higher than 4 floors, with a common pool, the distance from the beach at least 500-700 m. Apartments and studios are sold at a price of $1,500-1,600.

The price of ready-made buildings is determined by the level of infrastructure, number of bedrooms, size of the plot and remoteness from the beach and infrastructure of the island, the distance from the beach, panoramic views of the sea, the availability of concrete road and infrastructure, proximity to shopping centers, the possibility of low-cost maintenance and rental properties.


Reasons why foreigners choose real estate in Ko Samui

  1. Samui is a rapidly developing tourist area. There is constant growth and construction of infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life: large supermarkets and entertainment centers are being built, the road is being upgraded, the speed of Internet access is improving, and much more.
  2. According to statistics from recent years, real estate prices on the island are constantly increasing.
  3. The tropical climate of Thailand, and Ko Samui in particular, allows you to enjoy the summer season all year round, and the flow of tourists on the island does not stop even during the rainy season, that is "low season".
  4. When investing in the Thai economy, such as real estate, more than 10 million baht can qualify for an annual investment visa, with the right of further extension, as long as the investment is in the country. And after three years it is possible to apply for a residence permit in Thailand.


Briefly speaking

The island of perfect location and favorable weather conditions will undoubtedly attract foreigners. The demand increases greatly when the area provides affordable accommodation and a big profit. Do not hesitate to become a happy house owner in Thailand.