Can You Modify an Apartment You Recently Rented?


Can You Modify an Apartment You Recently Rented?

Even if you only leased an apartment, you still want it to be comfortable. The apartment is your new home, and you want to feel good residing there. You might also want to modify the place by adding new furniture, equipment, and home accessories. Since it's not a place you own, you might wonder if the landlord will allow you to have these changes.


Read your contract

The best way to answer your question is by going over the contract. It tells you what you can and can't do, including the modifications. In most instances, landlords don't allow major changes. It includes repainting of the walls, sticking something on the wall, and renovations. However, if you wish to make these changes, you can negotiate with the landlord. You also have to agree to shoulder the expenses.

If the contract didn't explicitly say the modifications you could do, it's still best to ask. You don't want to get into trouble later if you decided to make changes without the owner's permission. While major modifications aren't easy, some landlords might agree. It's true especially if these changes will help beautify the place, and if you signed a long-term contract anyway. For instance, if you wish to install a steam shower, the landlord will probably agree that you pursue your plan.

Bathroom sink, shelf with flowers and glasses


Minor changes are usually okay

Some simple changes aren't difficult to do. If you want to add new furniture that you can remove later, it's okay. You can also buy new accessories for the living room and bathroom. Again, the key is that you can remove these items once you decide to end the lease and move to other places. However, you should still be careful. Make sure that these items don't leave a mark on the floor or wall, and create permanent damage.


Find a place that doesn't require too many changes

If you see a place that requires plenty of changes, it's probably not the best choice. You're already going to pay a monthly fee to rent the house. You don't want to add more to that amount by investing in new furniture and other changes at home. Remember that whatever change you intend to do; you will shoulder the cost. If the place you're looking at doesn't seem to have what you want, you should keep looking. Otherwise, you have to accept whatever is available with the amount you can afford to pay.


Enjoy redecorating the place

You can redecorate the place with new home accessories to make it feel like you're the owner. You don't have to spend a lot. You can settle for simple accessories that are good enough to transform your house. You're only going to be there for a while. If you intend to relocate once the lease is over, you should feel content with a simple home. Don't forget to review the contract before signing anything to avoid having problems with your landlord later, whether it's about modifications or otherwise.