Can You Still Sell Your House For Top Dollar This Year?


Many homeowners cautious of the current situation today are asking themselves if they can still sell their house for top dollar this year. The answer is yes, especially if you are a homeowner in the state of Washington.

As you might already have realized by now, the whole world has been suffering from the coronavirus pandemic since early 2020 and the end to this unfortunate situation is nowhere in sight. Hundreds of businesses and industries across the country have been heavily punished by the coronavirus causing unemployment and lower-income levels. But not all hope is lost as the real estate market has been one of the exceptions, including Washington state.

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Numbers Are Looking Great

There is promising data being shared by housing industry experts and local newspapers across the country. Sales of existing homes increased by 9.4% in September to 6.6 million units on an annual basis, its highest level since May 2006. Also, the median existing-home price was 14.8% higher than in September 2019.

These are exciting numbers that should help homeowners answer the question "Can You Still Sell Your House For Top Dollar This Year?"

Any Home Buying Company or real estate agent in the state of Washington will probably agree that the time to sell is now. Your house can and probably will sell for top dollar before the year ends. Washington state is not an exception when it comes to the boom in real estate as Seattle is one of 20 metropolitan areas where home prices rose more in August than in any month in the past two years.

The last month of the year should also see "record" numbers and even 2021. Forecasts by experts suggest that the housing industry will wrap up a great 2020 and start off with a bang in 2021. Selling your house in Washington should be a breeze.


How to Sell Your Property

If you are a homeowner in the state of Washington currently wanting to sell your property but are having cold feet if to proceed and if so how to proceed, you should be just fine. As you can see the market is booming and you should have more than a couple of options to choose from when you eventually decide to sell.


"Do it Yourself" Selling

The least favorable option you can choose is to sell it yourself, as you will probably have a hard time listing it and appraising your property. You will also have to eventually spend in repair costs. On a positive note, if you sell it yourself, you do it in your own terms and time frame. If time, patience, and knowledge are in abundance, then you should definitely give it a try.


Home Buying Company

If you want to sell your house fast, be it for x or y reason, it is possible thanks to home buying companies. You should be able to find several home buying companies in the state to choose from.

Home purchasing companies should offer you a simple and straightforward process. First, you would have to contact them so they can better understand the details of your property and your current situation. Shortly after they would get in touch with you to arrange an appointment to visit your house. Finally, you will be presented with a fair, written, and no-obligation cash offer. Should you accept, the Home Buying Company can close at a local reputable title company in as little as seven to ten days or based entirely on your schedule.

Selling with a home buying company has its benefits which include a stress-free process, no closing costs like fees, commissions, and/or repairs. Most essentially you will not need to list your house as a realtor would do, as the home buying company should be signing a contract with you to buy yours fast no matter what condition your property is in.


Real Estate Company

Hiring a Real Estate agent is the most popular option for people. By deciding to go with a realtor, you can expect a stressful and lengthy process as you can take as long as up to two months or more before you see any results. Your property will probably be engaged in a bidding war. On a positive note, your house could be exposed more and you will have someone with expertise help you with the process. If you have time, patience, and have absolutely no experience in selling, this would be a great option.

Selling your property for top dollar is possible as the national housing market is currently experiencing a boom and it should continue way into 2021. There are a few exceptions like New York and Boston, but otherwise, the country is doing great. Washington shouldn't be the exception.


This article was published on 12/05/2020.