Here are some free programs and demos which should help you with your home.

Although we have thoroughly checked and/or evaluated these programs, we cannot be held resposible for any damages arising from the use and/or downloading of these files. - Household budget management program with reminders - Chores & Rewards v2.02 Bring peace to your household with Chores & Rewards, a system for managing childrens' chores, rewards, and penalties using cash, points and user-defined motivational techniques. Features chore scheduling, checklist printing, payday reconciliation, pay check writing, bank account management, and more. - Everything I Own! v1.7 Household Inventory Program for Windows 95 Evaluation Copy -- Keeps track of every item in your home or collection. Prints many reports. Easy to use 'Backup to Floppy' and 'Restore'. Sorts and Filters Data on Screen and in Reports. Much more. Very easy to learn and use. - The Family Files is a simple manager that you can use to record diverse information on your family. The program can store a wide range of information, from birthstones and burial plots to blood types and clothing sizes. It can also hold information on credit cards, vehicles, magazine subscriptions, physicians, insurance, and much more. A contact page lets you quickly finds phone numbers and addresses for family members' work places, schools, hangouts, and other places where they might be found. There's also a unique Document Finder that can tell you where important papers are kept. - Home Budget Finance manager is designed in the traditional envelope system where you set aside a portion of your income for various expenses.

home31.exe - HomePlan is an easy-to-use CAD program that allows you to draw, save, edit, and print house plans. - Home Cookin is a meal management system with a full-featured recipe database, grocery list manager, and calendar/meal planner. Other features include a powerful search system, flexible batch operations, support for informational text, and the ability to import recipes from a variety of formats such as Meal-Master, Computer Chef, and Mastercook II. This update includes statistics and compression features, support for BMP graphics, a spell checker, and more. - Wine Cellar Management - Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Home Mortgage - Displays more than 2000 plans and designs for new homes - RunPager HS is an MS Windows based home or office security system that senses switch closure actions of motion detectors, door and window magnetic contact switches, x-10 devices, etc. and alerts the user via pager. - Gardener's database and planting schedule - Smart10 for Windows - X10 CP290 Home Automation scheduler system. Provides sophisticated scheduling. Extra features provided include Sunrise, Sunset as times, Date ranges for which event will be active, arbitrary conditions including Light and Dark to modify the schedule. Smart10 supports sending immediate commands including canceling sheduled events. - SmartTracker Inventory 97 v3.2 [ASP] Track, Organize and Catalog your home/office possessions. Enter a multitude of info for each item. Narrow Data down to a search, Sort Data on any Field 4 Levels Deep, Search and Replace, Import, Export, User Definable Reports, Select Colors, Select Fonts, Maintain Multiple Databases, More. Include insurance info on reports. Know what you had if you loose it! (Ziff Davis Award Winner)

Here are some free Real Estate related programs and demos.

Although we have thoroughly checked and/or evaluated these programs, we cannot be held resposible for any damages arising from the use and/or downloading of these files. - Print photos for Real Estate appraisals - Real Estate closing system prints HUD-1/1A

landlord.exe - Full-featured property management program for landlords. - R.E.D.S version 1.1 (Real Estate Data System)


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