Are Home Buying Companies Legitimate? The Truth


Home buying companies are all over the world. They provide something different than real estate agents when it comes to buying a property. Many homeowners like to work with home buying companies because it's easier to sell their houses. Unlike a real estate agent, selling a house to a home buying company is fast, easy, and simple.


The Big Concern Of Many Homeowners

People are comfortable working with real estate agents because they're the most common way homeowners choose to sell their homes. Even if homeowners have to deal with an extensive selling process and a bunch of paperwork to be signed, they still decide to work with a real estate agent because they think it's the right choice for them.

Now, when it comes to home buying companies, also known as cash home buyers. Homeowners question whether cash home buyers are legitimate or not. That's their biggest concern and the main reason why they prefer real estate agents. For that very reason, it's important to know that home buying companies are legitimate.


Why Homeowners Should Trust Home Buying Companies

Cash home buyers can be trusted because they're legitimate property experts. They have their credentials and their membership to the National Association of property buyers. From that point, it's easy to see that they're to trust.

Of course, it's important to know that they won't buy a house to its full value because the amount of money they're willing to pay will hugely depend on several things such as the cost of repairs, upgrading the house, and other things. However, they're always willing to buy a property no matter its current condition.


How To Determine If Home Buying Companies Are Credible?

There are two types of home buying companies, the ones who do their work professionally and the ones that are dishonest and shady, making the whole home buying industry look bad and untrustworthy. However, those "bad ones" are just a minority.

These are some good tips that can help homeowners know if the home buying company they have in mind is credible:

  • Do deep research on the websites. Do they have enough information regarding what they do and how well they've done? If they do, then it's a positive point.
  • They must have pictures of their work. Remember! Pictures speak for themselves, and they work as proof.
  • Go for their "about us" section and see if they have pictures of their owners and team. If they don't, that's a red flag.
  • Check their social media pages. What they post will tell if they're credible home buying companies.
  • Look for their bad and good reviews and testimonials. These will give a piece of good information if they're a trusted company or not.
  • Call them and ask them as many questions as possible. If they make excuses, that's a big red flag.


Home Buying Companies Have Helped The Housing Market Grow

The housing market has been increasing in the last few years, even with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are looking to sell their houses to have more money available in their pockets. These people are also eager to sell their properties fast, and here it's where home buying companies kick in.

With a home buying company, homeowners can sell their houses as fast as seven days, which is beneficial for them as they need to get cash fast. This situation has helped to increase the housing market growth by a lot. In fact, the number of houses sold so far this year increased 20,6%, a big percentage thanks to home buying companies.


What Trusted Home Buying Companies Do

  • They help to create more jobs! They hire electricians, plumbers, administrators, and brokers, among others.
  • They help the US economy by buying products/materials made in the US.
  • They help homeowners avoid the hassle of having a long and tiring selling process.
  • They help improve the lives of many by giving them the money they need right at the moment. They probably need the money for medical expenses, moving expenses, among other reasons.