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About the City of Everett Massachusetts


Everett is a city in Massachusetts, located about 5 miles north of Boston. It has a population of around 44,000 people and is considered a part of the Greater Boston area. The city has a rich history, with roots dating back to the early 1700s. The city has a diverse population and offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities. One of the most notable attractions in Everett is the Wynn Boston Harbor casino resort, which opened in 2019. Additionally, there is a strong industrial history in Everett, with many factories and warehouses that have been repurposed into modern spaces for businesses and residents. The city also has a good public transportation system, with access to Boston via the MBTA's subway and bus lines.





Everett, Massachusetts was originally part of the town of Malden, which was settled in the early 1700s. In 1870, the area that is now Everett split off from Malden and was incorporated as a separate town. The city was named after the American orator and statesman Edward Everett.

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, Everett experienced rapid industrialization, with companies such as the Boston and Maine Railroad and the Everett Paper Company establishing operations in the city. This led to a large influx of immigrants, particularly from Ireland and Italy, who came to work in the factories. The city's population grew rapidly during this time, and by the 1920s, Everett had become a densely populated, heavily industrialized city.

In the mid-20th century, Everett's economy began to shift away from heavy industry, and many of the factories closed down. The city struggled to adapt to the changing economic landscape, and by the 1960s and 1970s, Everett had become a city in decline. However, in recent years, the city has undergone a resurgence, with many of the old factories and warehouses being repurposed into modern spaces for businesses and residents. The city also has a new development, the Wynn Boston Harbor casino resort which opened in 2019, which has brought many jobs and tourism to the city.

Today, Everett is a diverse, multicultural city with a rich history and a bright future. The city has strong community spirit, with a variety of cultural and recreational activities available for residents and visitors to enjoy.


Things to do in Everett MA

Everett, Massachusetts is a city with a variety of things to do for visitors and residents alike. Some popular activities include:

  1. Wynn Boston Harbor: This luxury casino resort is one of the most notable attractions in Everett. It features a wide variety of games, dining options, and entertainment venues.
  2. Encore Boston Harbor: This is another luxury casino resort, located near the Wynn Boston Harbor, it is another popular destination for visitors, with a wide variety of gaming options, as well as restaurants, bars, and a spa.
  3. Glendale Park: This is a popular spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and picnicking.
  4. Everett Farmers Market: This is a weekly market that takes place on Saturdays during the summer and fall, featuring a wide variety of fresh produce, baked goods, and other products from local vendors.
  5. The Northern Strand Community Trail: This is a 11-mile long paved trail that runs through Everett, Malden, Everett and Revere. It is a great place for walking, biking, and running.
  6. The Everett Square: This is a historic district in Everett with a variety of shops, restaurants, and other businesses. It is a great place to explore and experience the city's history and culture.
  7. The Everett Community Cultural Center: This is a venue for the arts, it offers a variety of events, performances, and exhibitions throughout the year, featuring both local and national artists.
  8. The Everett Silvertips: This is a junior ice hockey team that plays at the Angel of the Winds Arena. The team is part of the Western Hockey League and is a great place to enjoy a game.

These are just a few examples of the many things to do in Everett, and there are many more options available depending on one's interests.



Everett, Massachusetts has a variety of transportation options available for its residents and visitors. The city is well-connected to the Greater Boston area and beyond, making it easy to get around. Some of the transportation options available in Everett include:

  • Public Transportation: Everett is served by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), which operates bus and subway lines that connect the city to Boston and other nearby communities. The city has several bus routes and two subway stations, the Wellington and the Malden Center station, that connect Everett to Boston and other nearby communities.
  • Commuter Rail: Everett also has access to the Commuter Rail service provided by the MBTA, which connects the city to Boston and other nearby communities. The Commuter Rail station is located on the Newburyport/Rockport Line, which serves the city of Malden, where commuters can take trains to Boston.
  • Cars: Everett has easy access to major roads and highways, such as Route 16, Route 99, and Route 1, making it easy to get around by car. Additionally, the city has several parking lots and garages available for visitors and residents.
  • Bikes: The city has a bike-sharing program, Bluebikes, which allows residents and visitors to rent bikes to get around the city. The city also has a number of bike lanes, and is working on expanding it further, to make it safer for bike riders.
  • Taxis and Rideshares: Taxis and ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are widely available in Everett, making it easy to get around the city without a car.

Overall, Everett offers a variety of transportation options that make it easy for residents and visitors to get around the city and the Greater Boston area. The city is working on improving transportation infrastructure and accessibility to make it more convenient for people to get around.



Everett, Massachusetts is served by the Everett Public Schools district, which is responsible for educating the city's students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The district operates six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school.

The high school, Everett High School, offers a wide range of academic programs and extracurricular activities. The school has a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, and it also offers a variety of other programs such as business, art, and music. The high school also has a strong athletics program with many sports teams.

The district also offers a number of specialized programs such as the English Language Learners (ELL) program and the Special Education program, which serve students with diverse needs. Additionally, the district has an early childhood program and a preschool program, that serves children from ages 3-5.

In addition to the public school system, Everett is also home to several private and parochial schools, including the Pope John XXIII Central Catholic High School, and the Everett Catholic schools, which serve students from pre-K through 8th grade.

The city also has a community college, the Northern Essex Community College, which offers associate degrees and vocational programs in a wide variety of fields. The college also provides adult education and workforce development programs.

Overall, Everett offers a comprehensive education system that provides students with a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. The city's schools are dedicated to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the 21st century.




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