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Brewster is a historic town located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the United States. The town covers an area of approximately 25 square miles and has a population of around 10,000 people.




Brewster has a rich history that dates back to the early 17th century, when the town was first settled by the Pilgrims. The town was officially incorporated in 1803 and was named after Elder William Brewster, who was one of the Pilgrims who arrived in Plymouth in 1620.


Attractions and Things to Do

One of the most notable features of Brewster is its scenic coastline. The town is home to several beautiful beaches, including Breakwater Beach, Paine's Creek Beach, and Crosby Landing Beach, which offer visitors a chance to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. Brewster is also home to several beautiful ponds and lakes, which are ideal for swimming, fishing, and kayaking.

Another popular attraction in Brewster is the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a 22-mile paved trail that runs through several towns on Cape Cod, including Brewster. The trail is ideal for biking, walking, and jogging, and provides visitors with a chance to explore the scenic beauty of the Cape.

For those interested in history and culture, Brewster has several museums and historic sites to explore. The Brewster Historical Society operates the Brewster Historical Museum, which features exhibits on the town's history and culture, as well as the Harris-Black House and Higgins Farm Windmill, which are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Brewster is also home to several art galleries and studios, showcasing the work of local artists. The town hosts several arts and cultural events throughout the year, including the Brewster in Bloom Festival, the Brewster Summer Arts and Crafts Festival, and the Cape Cod Museum Trail.



In terms of education, Brewster has a strong school system, including the Stony Brook Elementary School, which is consistently ranked among the top elementary schools in Massachusetts. The town is also home to the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School, a public charter school that serves students in grades K-12.



Brewster is located on Cape Cod, which is well-connected to other parts of Massachusetts and New England via a network of highways and transportation options. The most common way to get to Brewster is by car, as the town is located along Route 6, which runs through the center of Cape Cod.

There are also several bus companies that provide transportation to and from Brewster, including the Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company and the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA). The CCRTA operates several bus routes that serve Brewster and other towns on Cape Cod, including a seasonal trolley service that runs from mid-June through Labor Day.

In addition, the CapeFLYER train service operates during the summer months, providing transportation between Boston and Cape Cod. The train stops at the Hyannis Transportation Center, which is located approximately 20 minutes from Brewster by car.

For those flying into the area, the closest airport to Brewster is the Barnstable Municipal Airport, located in nearby Hyannis. The airport offers several daily flights to and from Boston and New York City, as well as seasonal service to other destinations.

Overall, while a car is the most convenient mode of transportation in Brewster and on Cape Cod, there are several other transportation options available for those who prefer not to drive or who are visiting from out of town.



Overall, Brewster is a charming town with a rich history, scenic beauty, and a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities. Whether you're interested in exploring the outdoors, learning about history, or simply enjoying the town's sense of community, Brewster has something for everyone.


Official Link: https://www.brewster-ma.gov/




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