8 Benefits to Installing a Double Sink Vanity in Your Bathroom


Homeowners create new designs for bathrooms for a multitude of reasons. They want to update the styles to add value, or the owner needs to replace faulty sinks that are leaking or damaged. When reviewing their options, they can read through the benefits of installing a double sink vanity.


1. Increased Functionality of the Living Space

Double sinks increase the functionality of the living space. Family members do not have to wait in the mornings when getting ready to go to school or work. There are two sinks, so two family members can brush their teeth or attend to their hygiene needs. Most double vanities provide either one larger mirror for the entire sink design or individual mirrors for each sink. Increased functionality means the owner gets more value from the room. Property owners can contact a contractor for a double sink vanity now.


2. Convenience for Couples

Many couples fight over the bathroom each morning when getting ready. If they have two sinks, the couple can get ready at the same time. The convenience of the new sink design helps couples avoid early morning arguments and frustrations.

Bathroom with double sink vanities


3. Improving Your Homes Value

The market value of the property increases if the owner installs a double sink design. More buyers want properties with more convenience and functionality. Double vanities also add aesthetic value to the property. The owner could attract more buyers if they install two sinks instead of one in each bathroom.


4. Updating the Bathroom Design

New updates improve the property in many ways. Outdated styles decrease the value of the home, and the styles can hinder the way the owner uses the room. An older sink design is more likely to show signs of wear and tear, and it may leak. A new double vanity eliminates existing plumbing issues because of outdated and faulty sink installations.


5. Increase Counter Space

Single vanity sinks do not provide ample counter space. Many families complain about not having enough room on the counters for their toiletries. Limited space increases conflicts among family members. By adding a double vanity style, the family gets a larger counter with plenty of space for everyone's things.


6. More Storage Space

With a double vanity, the family gets more storage space, and they can add necessary items to the bathroom. The cabinets and shelves give them plenty of space for overstock items such as soaps, shampoo, and toilet paper.


7. Accommodates A Larger Family

Double vanity sinks are better for larger families. Families with more than one child know all too well how hectic it is when getting ready in the morning. It is easier to send two children into the bathroom to brush their teeth and fix their hair at a time than to waste time sending them into the bathroom one at a time.


8. More Organized Bathroom

The bathroom styles are far more organized with more cabinets and counter space. The property owner can choose a double vanity with any cabinet design. They can maximize their space and get more room to set up bathroom necessities. They won't have toiletries scattered all over the bathroom anymore.


Homeowners want more from their bathroom designs. Many homes are constructed with single vanity sinks. The design is fine for one person and manages their needs, but it is not ideal for couples or owners with families. A double sink vanity could be the answer to traffic jams in the bathrooms and speed up the process of getting ready in the mornings.