7 Clever Hidden Storage Ideas To Hide Gifts in your Home


The Christmas season is officially over, but there's still Valentine's Day coming up, as are birthdays and other special occasions. In the weeks leading up to big days like these, many people do their best to hide the presents they have already bought. However, there are situations when this can prove particularly tricky, especially if you have curious kids running around and checking every corner, or there's not that much space in your home for hiding gifts in the first place.

So what are the best spots that can keep the precious surprise safe? There are plenty of possibilities, including the space under the bed, an outside shed, or the garage. Everything depends on your creativity and what space is available to you. If you live in a small apartment, hiding the gifts in plain sight might work best. On the other hand, disguising the gift as something else is another excellent idea.

Need more clever solutions? Check out the article below, and you'll surely find a place that will be perfect for hiding the Valentines gifts and other presents that you want to keep safe until it's time to hand them over.


Tool Shed

Many people have a tool shed or some kind of construction storage in their backyard, and it's the perfect place to hide gifts of every kind. The shed is a spot for storing seasonal items and extra hand tools, so no one's really going to think twice if an extra box appears in the corner of the shed or you move a few things to fit a concealed gift.

If you keep your extra decorations there as well, then you can hide the gifts in a box with Christmas ornaments. Just put the gift in the bottom and cover it with tinsel, tissue paper, and ornaments. Another idea is to use empty paint cans to put smaller gifts in. But first, you'll have to make sure that the cans are clean and they aren't rusting.


Bedroom Closet

Something as inconspicuous as a small basket can do the job well in your bedroom closet (or any other closet in your house). No matter whether we are talking about a PS5, Marshall speakers, or a tablet, you can place the gift in a corner and hide the gifts underneath the clothes. If you have a larger closet, you can use boxes of various sizes to conceal the presents. You can even leave a pair of shoes or another item on top of them so that the box doesn't look suspicious or out of place.

Large walk in closet



This is another common place to store stuff, so it won't be suspicious if you use it for hiding your gifts. The best way to do this is to wrap your present in something protective, like a piece of tarp or even saran wrap, so you can be sure that it won't get damaged, and then place it in the corner or on top of the shelves.

You can also use cardboard boxes or plastic storage containers. Just make sure to fill them with other stuff, too, like old clothes or seasonal decorations, so the actual gift stays covered and neatly secured.



It might seem surprising, but your bathroom can make for an excellent place to hide gifts, provided it's well ventilated. If you can open the window there or turn a fan on so things don't get damp, then all you need is a large towel, and you can roll up your gift inside of it and place it in the linen closet. Smaller gifts can be placed inside a box that you keep your toiletries in or any other container. You can also use the space behind the medicine cabinet to hide your presents.


Space Under the Bed

We've all seen this before - a small box or wrapped-up gift underneath someone's bed. However, sometimes the darkest place is under the candlestick. Therefore, the space underneath your bed might make for a great hiding place.

Just make sure that when someone decides to look under the bed, they won't be able to spot the stashed away gifts or reach them, so push them as far as you can. For extra security, you can wrap the gifts in a towel, put them in the good old shoebox, or wrap them in regular brown paper, so they look like something that you're just storing away, instead of like a proper gift.



A classic way to hide things is to put them inside a drawer. Unfortunately, this hack will work with small gifts only. The key here is to make sure that you have plenty of space in your drawers and that they are almost full before putting the box with the gift inside.

You can choose the drawers in your bedroom, for example, the ones where you keep your underwear. Another great spot can be the so-called "junk drawer" - the drawer that most of us have in our house where things like pens, scissors, or papers often end up. Put the gift you want to hide in a small box, wrap it in a hand towel, and slide it in the very back of the drawer. Voila - it's hidden in plain sight!



It may not seem like the best spot to hide something, but if you have space to put something in your car, it might be worth considering. It works best if you have a trunk that's big enough to fit a sizable present box.

If that's your car and you're the one driving it for the most time, no one else will be looking there. You can also wrap up your gift and then stash it underneath your car seat or in the backseat pocket. The glove compartment makes for a great hiding spot, too.



To sum up, there are plenty of options for hiding the presents from people you want to surprise with your gift. If you're someone who likes to wrap their gifts early, consider doing it a little bit later than usual, so the colorful wrapping paper doesn't draw unnecessary attention.

Instead, you can put your gifts in shoeboxes, wrap them in brown packing paper, so they don't look suspicious, and stash them underneath your bed or in the closet. Just make sure that you don't hide them in a place where you might forget about them yourself, and you should be good to go. Good luck!