6 Kitchen Styles: Which is Your Favorite?


Are you looking to redesign your home and are stuck on how to style your kitchen? Have you recently just bought a new house and want to make the kitchen look like it belongs to you, but don't really know which style you like the most?

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments anyone could make in their lifetime, and when you do this, you want to make sure that everything is perfect and exactly what you would want. The kitchen is a place where people will spend a lot of time and it needs to be a place that you enjoy.

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen for you, there are so many different options to choose from, and many designers. The designer you choose is just as important as the style you choose, which is why many people have recommended Gruppo Cucine for all their kitchen needs. If you aren't aware of the various different styles, you might have a hard time choosing one that you like, or even decorating your new kitchen. If you are looking at buying a new house, or thinking of remodelling your own house, here are 6 kitchen styles to help you find the one you like.




When most people think about rustic, they think of the outdoors, being in the countryside, or being in rural areas. Rustic is defined by a design that looks natural, rough, and aged. If you were to visualise the look of a rustic home or design, there would be a lot of natural materials like wood or rock.

These materials are known for their vast variety of textures and warm appearance. Rustic kitchens are not something that you would just find in an old timey farm house anymore. The rustic look is becoming more and more popular and is definitely something you should consider for your kitchen if you want to stray away from the strong lines of a modern kitchen and have a homier environment.



Modern is everything in this day and age. In fact, what is considered modern is all down to the era that you are currently living in. At this point in time, modern has its own unique look that is defined by its seamless edges and pops of colour, simple style and natural beauty.

In a modern kitchen these days, you will find that people stay away from busy designs and try to keep things as simple as possible because of little embellishments such as fancy taps or handles on the cupboards.

Typically, the countertops will be quite empty and spacious, with sleek and simple surfaces like steel or plain stone. In a modern kitchen you will also find statement pieces like wooden chairs.



The idea behind a minimalist look is that less is more. With a minimalist mindset you can achieve so much with so little and have an incredibly sleek look to your kitchen without having to break the bank. In order to have a minimalist kitchen you need to make use of the simplest materials. A minimalist kitchen also contains nothing more than what you absolutely need. There are no details that are unnecessary and no fancy embellishments to make it look a bit more modern. The minimalist look is effortlessly sleek and beautiful.



If you have no idea what style you like or which style you might want to include in your kitchen, and are torn between different styles, then maybe having an eclectic kitchen is exactly what you're looking for. This eclectic design is basically a mash of all different designs combined together to create something that looks incredible.

If you don't know what you're doing with this kind of style, you could end up with a chaotic disaster on your hands, however, when you have the right idea, this kind of kitchen can look absolutely incredible with touches of rustic, modern, industrial, and so much more.



One style that is becoming increasingly popular these days is the country style or farmhouse style. Similar to a rustic look in that it makes use of a lot of natural materials, a farmhouse kitchen is an intimate and cosy environment that makes use of colour, texture, and detail, and is full of decoration.

Making use of things such as woven baskets, displaying beautiful China sets, and even having vintage door knobs and taps is one of the key features to a county kitchen.



Last but not least we have the industrial kitchen. This style doesn't look particularly cosy and inviting, but still comes across as charming and is a popular choice for younger people these days. Typically, in an industrial style kitchen you will find all neutral colours like white black and grey, open shelving, exposed structures and wiring, and concrete flooring.