5 Ways to Create an Urban Boho Living Room


livingroom with cowhide rug


Boho is a popular style that, aside from fashion, is also popular in interior design. This isn't surprising at least: Boho style is versatile, eye-pleasing, and can be modified to suit a wide array of aesthetic preferences. Hence, if you are looking to create a stunning, urban Boho living room, then here are some ways to help you pull that off.


1. Feel free to experiment

Urban Boho has the same characteristics as regular Boho, except with an urban twist. Clear lines, less clutter, and some minimalist-inspired details will surely get the job done. Therefore, feel free to experiment with your favorite decor elements while introducing some new, eclectic details.


2. Go global

If you're a keen traveler, then all your memorabilia and souvenirs will be a wonderful addition to your living room. For example, you might want to opt for framed maps, Moroccan rugs, magnets, or vases of your choice. All these interesting details, such as Nepalese wall art or Venetian mask, can make your living room look more cosmopolitan. Traveling and buying local, ethical decor, will also be a great way to turn your regular living room into a truly gorgeous urban Boho space!


3. Don't forget about the rugs

Rugs are often the hidden gem of your space. And a well-made, carefully chosen rug may be a true crown jewel. The good news is, that you can choose any pattern, texture, or color. Animal-inspired, ethically-made real cowhide rugs will add a sense of timeless elegance to your living room. If you want a neutral element to keep everything balanced, then layering rugs will be a great solution. It will provide an extra layer of warmth during the winter, which is also practical and beneficial to your wellbeing.


4. Textures are also important

Materials and fabrics play an enormous role when it comes to Boho-inspired living rooms. After all, a living room can benefit a lot from throw pillows, blankets, and other fabrics that enrich the space, such as curtains. Hence, be sure to experiment with different fabrics, including the texture, thickness, colors, and patterns. Your living room will look much more elegant and approachable with some soft finishes.


5. A little subtlety can go a long way

Modern Boho doesn't have to be all about hippie details and exquisite designs. If you prefer a neutral, subtle interior design, then feel free to incorporate that into your living room. Choose a color theme, and then combine various details in a way that creates a cohesive final effect. You can also infuse your regular-looking Scandi minimalist space with multiple lighting sources and some a bit over-the-top details to make your living room look more Boho!



A Boho-inspired living room is a great way to blend urban elements with traditionally Bohemian details. These tips will help you make that happen, as long as you remember to use quality rugs, different sources of light, and soft fabrics. Your living room will look amazing with only a bit of effort and imagination.