5 Things to Expect from Your Realtor


pen on top of paperwork, yellow rubber duck on a laptop


Buying a new home (especially if it's your first) is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many new terms to understand, tons of papers to sort out, and lots of tasks to track.

If you're a busy person, all these things can add up and turn the experience sour. To avoid such a thing and to make sure you're making informed decisions, it's best to work with a real estate professional like an agent or a broker.

It may be a bit more expensive, but there are real benefits when you work with someone who knows the market and understands the customers. Here are some of the most common things you can expect to happen when working with a realtor:


1. Better Access to Buyers/Sellers

Real estate agents know the local market and where the gems are hidden. Plus, even though most listings are available online, you need to know where to look. Some sellers don't like everyone to know their business and keep things under wraps as much as possible.

The same goes for buyers - not everyone has the patience to browse properties online, and many may miss your listing.

Working with a professional realtor means extending your possibilities and opening the door to new opportunities.


2. You'll Receive a Quick Response Whenever You Call or Text

Once you start the process of looking for a new home or selling one, you'll have a ton of questions and concerns. So, instead of going to Google and trying to figure out the answer for yourself (it's not always easy), you can simply pick up the phone and ask your realtor.

Most reliable agencies have real estate business phone systems designed to keep communication with customers going. So, even if you can't reach your realtor when you call the first time, you know for sure they'll reach back as soon as possible.


3. Valuable Advice

Even though you have a million questions tumbling around in your brain, regular people tend to miss the most important ones. Still, realtors know what information you need and will provide it without asking.

For instance, if you're just starting to look for a property, do you know how to choose the right one for your needs? Buyers often make decisions driven by emotions, and these are not always the right ones. A realtor can gently nudge you in the right direction or at least provide a professional opinion to give you something to think about.


4. Negotiation Skills

When was the last time you negotiated over something of value? Unless you are in a line of work where negotiation is part of your job, you're probably less skilled in this fine art than you think.

And, even if you are a skilled negotiator in your field, this doesn't mean you have the right information to negotiate a real estate deal. Real estate professionals, on the other hand, are in their element and can help drive up or down a price.

If you're skeptical about this aspect (it doesn't hurt to be a bit on the fence), keep in mind that agents work on commission, and a better price for your house also means a bigger commission.


5. Sorting out Mountains of Paperwork

You don't know what paperwork is until you've bought a house. There are lots of things to read, understand, sign, and sort, such as deeds, bills of sale, tax declarations, written offers, and so on.

The scary part is that paperwork is easy to mess up if you don't know how to keep track of it. This is where a realtor's help and guidance will prove extremely valuable.


Wrap Up

A realtor can help you save money, time, and brain effort, so don't be scared by the fact that they charge commission. If you feel the commission is unjust, it's best to negotiate before signing a contract or keep looking until you find someone you can trust.