5 Reasons You Need to Rewire Your Atlanta Apartment


When you moved into your Atlanta apartment, it may have looked fine, there were no lights flickering or outlets that seemed to be on the fritz, but over time you may notice some issues with the wiring in your home.

A lot of people don't think about rewiring their apartments until there's an electrical problem, but rewiring your apartment can save you money, improve the safety and quality of your building, and make your life easier, so it's important to plan. Here are eight reasons why you need to rewire your apartment in Atlanta.


8 Reason that Says to Rewire Your Apartment

Person rewiring an outlet

1. Old Wiring

When wires get old, they start to break down. As they age, they lose their ability to carry electricity efficiently. Over time, you'll notice your circuits are getting overloaded. There will be points in your home where one circuit serves more devices than it was intended for.

The main breaker may blow or trip a fuse consistently. When that happens, you know it's time for new wiring. Before your Atlanta apartment is destroyed by faulty wiring and fire hazards become eminent, contact a professional electrician.


2. Cords are messy

Having a bunch of cords running everywhere is annoying, particularly when they get tangled up. As an apartment resident in Atlanta, you don't have many options to connect your electronic devices; there are only a few outlets available. If you're living in a studio apartment without much wall space, you might have limited choices to place your television or stereo system.

This means that every time you need to access power for these items, it will involve crossing and untangling multiple cords. If you're tired of tripping over excess wires lying around on floors and countertops, rewiring your Atlanta apartment is one way to solve that problem easily and inexpensively.


3. Frequently Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is a safety device that switches off power when it trips. There are different reasons your circuit breaker could trip, but there's no reason to live in an unsafe home. Take a look at your circuit breakers, and make sure they aren't overloaded with appliances or are not damaged.

Unplugging appliances that aren't in use can help too. If you find issues and repair them quickly, you may be able to get insurance compensation for major damages caused by unsafe electrical equipment or wiring. Additionally, frequent tripping of circuit breakers can signal an energy-wasting problem that costs you money for exposing you and your family to dangerous conditions.


4. Flickering Lights

While it might be harmless at first, flickering lights can lead to much more serious problems over time. The main cause is bad fuses or breakers, which you should replace. It's worth calling an electrician in Atlanta for a professional assessment of your fuse box. While replacing fuses and breakers is simple enough, it's important not to skimp on cost or safety. Professional electricians with extensive experience in this field may be found in Atlanta suburbs such as Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and North Decatur.

You should hire only licensed professionals from Atlanta who have training on handling electrical wiring safely and correctly. Make sure all of your components are up-to-date and in good condition before hiring anyone for electrical work.


5. Bites from bugs on the wires

Those tiny insects are responsible for carrying around 60 different human diseases, but there's another reason you need to keep bugs out of your apartment. When they get in, they chew on all your stuff, especially wood and paper products, unused wiring, which can damage expensive items like appliances, televisions, and furniture.

And who knows what kind of nasty chemicals or parasites those critters are leaving behind? That's a risk no one should take. To avoid any problems down the road, it's always a good idea to invest in pest control and get your wiring updated whenever you move into a new place in Atlanta or bring home new furniture that may not be too sturdy. It may seem like an inconvenience now, but it'll save you time and money later.


6. Discolored Outlets & Switches

When replacing old outlets and switches, it's not only important to change the wiring. Oftentimes, old light switches and outlets become discolored or cracked due to wear-and-tear. While you're at it, make sure to check all outlets in your home for proper safety mechanisms like ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

GFCIs are essential when it comes to protecting against electric shock hazards. When a GFCI detect an imbalance in electricity between two wires, like when one wire is wet or has a higher voltage than another, they automatically cut off the electricity flow so that there is no danger of electric shock. All new wiring installations should include GFCIs.


7. Burning Smells

Over time, wires in your apartment can begin to fray and get exposed. When that happens, they're likely to burn, which will result in a bad smell and potentially a fire. The process of rewiring your apartment can be done with relative ease by an electrician and is especially important if you rent out your space, or thinking about doing so in the future.

Every building owner should have their wiring rewired at least once every few years just as an added precautionary measure. It might look overwhelming now, but it can save you a lot of headaches later.


8. Insufficient Number of Outlets

How many outlets do you have in your kitchen and bedroom? Have you ever run out of power strips when running a ton of appliances at once? If so, it may be time to rewire your apartment. Call an electrician who is certified in Atlanta to take care of everything, including adding new outlets or updating older ones. Not only will it improve your everyday functionality, but if you're trying to sell your apartment it can be a selling point as well!


Final Thoughts

When it comes to rewiring your apartment, there are a lot of considerations that factor into your decision. In many ways rewiring a home is a bigger commitment. Whether you go with rewiring is up to you, but just make sure you're completely informed about your decision before moving forward. After all, an informed individual is a smart individual!