5 Key Tips for Downsizing Your Home


Living smaller can be simpler and more affordable for most people. Millions of seniors from Boston to Baltimore are giving up their family homes and downsizing to condos or tiny homes where they can enjoy financial freedom in their golden years. Whether you are downsizing for your retirement or for personal reasons like a potential divorce, you will need to plan and reorganize.

If you are getting divorced, you will only need to worry about going through half of your things. However, purging any part of your home can be a large task. Before you get advice from a Baltimore or Boston Divorce Attorney, you may want to consider the work it will take to complete the downsizing process.

While the downsizing process can be a hassle, living in a smaller home has many benefits. Your mortgage or rent is often lower, your utility bills will be smaller, and you can rid your home of the endless clutter and unneeded items. Let's take a closer look at a few tips for downsizing your home.


Start Early

The last thing you want to do is sort through your belongings while packing to move. The purging process can take time, and careful consideration and should be made at least a few weeks before your move. The more items you can get rid of during your downsizing purge, the fewer things you will need to pack for your big move.


Purge Your Closets

A large part of the downsizing process should start in your closet. If you haven't worn a particular item in over a year, put it in the donation bin. The same thing goes for clothing items that are out of style, don't fit, or are impractical, like a bridesmaid dress you wore at your cousin's wedding. Don't forget about your other closets. Go through the cabinets in your bathroom and your linen closets as well to get rid of unused or unneeded items.


Consider Your New Space

If your new home is much smaller than your current space, you will need to consider your new layout. Draw a layout of your new place to see what pieces of furniture will fit. You don't want to move more furniture with you than will fit in your new home.

boxes in a bookshelf

Creative Storage

If you are downsizing on a grand scale, like moving to a bachelor suite or a tiny home, you may want to invest in inventive storage. Shelving is a great place to set up storage bins and keep your floor space clear. Storage furniture like an ottoman that can be used for storage or a couch with storage bins underneath is perfect for a small space.


Needs VS. Wants

The downsizing process can sometimes be stressful and filled with conflicted emotions. If you are having trouble deciding what things you should keep, try remembering the rule of joy. If an item does not bring you joy when you hold it in your hand, then it can go. The items that you choose to keep should be useful and practical. It comes down to separating your belongings into the things you want and the things you need.


Downsizing to a smaller home can be liberating and help you to save money. Follow these tips to help you on your downsizing journey.