5 Inspiring Stories of the Youngest College Graduates


When entering college, it is rather natural to have a whole lot of concerns, questions, and doubts. Typically, some of the most common questions facing first-year students include:

  • What school to choose?
  • What to major in?
  • How am I going to handle an intensive academic load?
  • Is there anyone who could help me write my papers?

The list could go on and on. But, eventually, all these concerns get down to a single, major question - "how am I going to handle this all?"

Indeed, knowing about all the challenges that are waiting for young people at college, many people believe that being 18-19 years old is awfully young for handling all these problems. But, if you think that you are too young to handle it, what would you say about an eight-year-old going through all the same troubles?!

Sounds impossible, right? Well, guess wrong! The youngest college grad in the world has enrolled at the age of eight. Want to learn more? Then delegate your college tasks to professionals from DoMyEssay and read on to find out more about this and other inspiring stories of the youngest college graduates!

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Michael Kearney

The first and the most impressive story belongs to a boy, born and raised in Honolulu, HI, who was diagnosed with ADHD and homeschooled but eventually became the Guinness World Record holder as the youngest college grad in the world.

Michael has always been a special child. Whereas most children learn to read at about 6 to 7 years of age, he mastered this skill being a 10-months toddler. When Michael got into school, he managed to finish the entire high school program in just one year. And, even this achievement didn't stop him from conquering new heights. At the age of eight, Michael enrolled in college. He acquired his BA degree at 10 and his first Master's degree at 14, after which he pursued one more Master's degree.

The story of Michael Kearney is definitely nontraditional. But, it is extremely inspiring!


Moshe Kai Cavalin

The next story might be a bit less famous compared to the one of Michael Kearney, but it also proves that nothing is impossible in our world. Moshe Kai Cavalin is another wunderkind who managed to outrace all his peers in terms of education.

Moshe was only seven when he earned an associate's degree. Soon after that, he had discovered his passion for computer science (though earlier he thought about majoring in astrophysics) and became a student at UCLA. At the age of 11, Moshe Cavalin graduated from college.

Currently, Moshe is an employee at NASA who dreams about starting his own cybersecurity company. All his successes Moshe explains not by his genius but by simple motivation and inspiration.


Alia Sabur

The next success story is of Alia Sabur - a brilliant girl who began to read when she was only eight months old. Alia's parents confess that they always knew she was different from other children. And though she entered elementary school along with the rest of her peers, her unusual talents were finally recognized when she went to the fourth grade. So, right after elementary school, Alia went to Stony Brook University.

Her first degree in math Alia earned at the age of 10. However, she didn't want to stop her pursuit of academic excellence and eventually acquired a Ph.D. in material science engineering. And even then, her successes didn't stop. Being only 18 years old, Alia Sabur became the youngest professor in the world when she got a job at Konkuk University, Seoul.


Gregory Smith

Another youngster who shook the world with his untraditional, though impressive academic route is Gregory Smith. This kid finished elementary school in a single year and then conquered the high school program in only two years. Eventually, Gregory earned a college degree at 13.

After acquiring higher education, Gregory Smith got a job as a postdoctoral researcher. He now finds his mission in seeking better drugs and treatments. And, he uses the fame he earned thanks to his unusual academic path to speak up about issues that matter to him, including those related to children's rights.


Sho Yano

One more brilliant child whose story deserves to be heard is Sho Yano. Sho is known as a holder of one of the world's highest IQs (his score is 200). If you think that's impressive, just wait. Sho was homeschooled until he turned eight. After which, he immediately decided to enroll in college. To have such an opportunity, he had to complete the SAT, at which he scored an impressive 1500 out of 1600 points.

After successfully passing the SAT, at 11, Sho Yano became a medical student at Loyola University Chicago. Finally, by the age of 21, Sho has acquired his MD, specializing in pediatric neurology.


The Bottom Line

Now you know the stories of the five youngest college grads in the world. These are not the only success stories that are out there. Yet, these are definitely among the most impressive and inspiring ones.

Each of the five students we told you about has proved to us that nothing can hold a person back from achieving their goals. All it takes is enough motivation and a huge desire to succeed. These stories teach us that everything's possible. So, don't be afraid to pursue your dreams!