4 Tips on How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale


White colored room with sofa, chari, table, mirrors on wall with large frames


Selling your home is never an easy task. You have invested in it a lot to increase its value, and now you have to put it back on the market. However, in order to sell your home quickly, you have to make sure it looks its absolute best in order to attract the right buyers. The best way to achieve perfection is to stage your home. So, here are a few tips on how you can stage your home successfully.


Clean and Declutter

Room with furniture and plants, light colors


The two most important things before you start staging are cleaning and decluttering. A clean home shows that you've taken good care of the property and potential buyers can see the home in its true beauty. So, start by decluttering and throwing away everything you won't need anymore. You can donate some stuff, recycle them, and simply remove all items that you plan on keeping and those you don't. Then, clean the house thoroughly. Get into every nook and cranny and make sure the home is dust and dirt free and that it is squeaky clean. Then, you can move on to removing personal items.



If you want to sell your home fast, the potential buyers should be able to envision themselves and their lives in your home. So, remove all personal things. This includes family photos, keepsakes, and all personal art. Also, make sure your clothes are tucked away and clean out the bathroom counters. However, you don't have to depersonalize completely. You should leave some statement art on the walls or even visit Posteramo for some custom-made posters. You can even pick a map of the city you live in, to make the home personal to anyone.


Make The Home Feel Fresh

Once the home is clean and all your things tucked away, the next step is staging it to feel and look fresh. The best way to achieve this is to add a few potted plants anywhere you can. Plants add life and freshness to any space, so rely on them. Additionally, you can place a few vases with fresh flowers to provide even more freshness.

Also, make sure to get rid of any odors. Pets, kids, damp bathrooms, last night's dinner and many other conditions can make your home smell. You don't want the potential buyers to enter and be repulsed by the odors so rely on a few tricks to get rid of them. You can prepare a fresh batch of cinnamon apples or cookies and let the sweet smell of cookies fill the home. Also, you can light a few vanilla-scented candles and rely on those fresh flowers.


Focus on Lighting

Lighting makes everything better, and your home's biggest advantage is the natural light. If you have heavy drapes, make sure to replace them with some see through ones to let in as much natural light as possible. Open up the curtains, too, and even place a few mirrors instead of wall art to build up natural light in your home. All this will make your home appear bigger and brighter, and above all, inviting and cozy. Also, if any of the bulbs are dead or you have old fixtures that don't work, make sure to replace them and get them fixed.

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Selling a home can be tough. If you want to sell your home quickly, you should know how to present it in the best light. So, rely on staging and making it look fresh, and potential buyers will be amazed and would love to see their lives in your home.