4 Things To Help Boost An Interior Design Career


The interior design industry is a tough one to break into for newcomers simply due to the abundance of competition along with an increased awareness amongst customers and clients that professional interior design is a worthwhile investment. Here are some things to boost your interior design career to new heights.


1. Learn Self-Marketing

Success in today's increasingly digital era cannot be achieved without sound marketing strategies in place to show potential clients all that you have to offer in the field. Once you have completed projects for a few clients, ask them to leave online testimonials on interior designer platforms and Google. Always try to take photographs of each of your projects with a good-quality camera (or hire someone for photography) so you can showcase your work on an online portfolio. Building a professional-looking portfolio will play a huge role in getting clients to understand your talents and skills and be more willing to invest in them.

Hire a web designer and graphic designer to make an impressive website for you personalized to your sense of style. Upload images of your work there and if you cannot write interesting content to describe your ethos and talents yourself, hire a content writer. Having a running blog or a FAQs section will again prove useful to potential clients and be instrumental in building trust that you are an accomplished professional.

self marketing


2. Self-Education Never Ends

If you can get a professional degree in interior design, then that is wonderful but courses and diplomas can be extremely helpful, as can self-education ventures. Self-education can include anything from online courses, video tutorials, extensive reading, and/or traveling to various cultures. It can also be carried out by attending seminars and interior designer workshops near you that can teach you skills like interior design project management. Education is a never-ending undertaking and will progress your career by leaps and bounds as everyone wants to hire a knowledgeable person with a diverse set of skills.


3. Network, Network, Network

Once you have laid down a strong base with a solid work ethic and education, you need to start networking with people in the same industry as you. You can join online groups for this purpose as well or use social events to connect with people who can then either partner with you for upcoming opportunities or point you in the right direction for growth. You always want to project a positive and hardworking attitude and if you can find worthwhile mentorship with an established interior design firm or individual, it can be an incredible learning experience.


4. Promote On Various Platforms

Growing your web presence is a huge component of success as an interior designer. Use a multitude of platforms such as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) as well as job finders like Higher Hire to market yourself and seek out new work opportunities. Having a following on social media is also a tried and tested tool for gaining new contracts on a consistent basis.