Financial aid tv

Financial Aid TV is an online video solution to colleges and universities enhances students ability in taking Financial Aid decisions by answering common questions in a format that is easy to understand. FATV is a complete database of online video contents on state and federal financial aid programs. Financial Aid TV (FATV) provides short video clips of Financial Aid process and updates the information on daily basis. Financial Aid process always requires better communication to reach out students. FATV is offers 24/7 solutions and get connected to the people with additional information of videos. The available videos focus on answering the most frequently asked questions asked by the students related to financial aid process. It works like an online counselor around the clock.


The students and parents will be clarifies with the online video answers of short videos on Financial Aid TV Basics, the application process, grant programs, eligibility, understanding the free application for federal student aid, grants, verification, scholarships, loan programs and repayment, satisfactory academic progress and, even, education tax benefits and FAFSA etc. Financial Aid TV offers free of cost method on daily basis. Viewers can find the selected topic from the available videos list. This online video facility reduces the costs and saves time and improves the students counseling and outreach on Financial Aid. Financial Aid TV is very use friendly and you can get solution to your query with a single click. Almost all the university schools and colleges providing this facility to reduce the stress of the students on Financial Aid.


Financial Aid TV helps to solve the below issues:


* Fee Waiver and Grant Programs


* Financial Aid Basics


* Financial Aid Deadlines and Eligibility


* Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


* Loan Programs and Repayment


* Applying for Financial Aid




* Scholarships


* Understanding Loans


* En Espa┬▒ol


Financial Aid TV answers the below questions:


* What is a scholarship?


* Will financial aid pay for all of my expenses?


* What is a Pell Grant?


* Do I have to accept the student loan on my Award Letter?


* What is the difference between a grant and a loan?


* What is an Academic Competitiveness Grant?


Financial Aid TV not only offers solutions various querys in Financial Aid process it also provides raining program to the faculty and staff. Financial Aid TV guides the students who wish to take private loans and credit cards which are very expensive to them. The conductor option helps Financial Aid officers by providing students with interactive worksheets and calculators financing their educations at lowest cost. Financial Aid TV is technical tool which makes complex financial aid concepts easy and incorporate new information of specific universities. The advent of financial aid TV results students with less debt, lower loan default rates, fewer questions, and all the answers they need to make their desired education affordable.


The main advantages of Financial Aid TV applications are:


* To Increase Financial Aid Applications


* To Improve Default Aversion Efforts


* To Improve Customer Service


* To Reduce Student Wait Times


* To Reduce Student Phone Calls


* To Expand Counseling Reach


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