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The California Student Aid Commission is responsible for the California Financial Aid to assist all Californians. In paying their higher education. Cal Grants and other student aid programs are designed by the California Student Aid Commission as per the eligibility criteria.


Some Financial id programmes are exclusively designed to California esidents. They are:


1. Cal Grant A


Cal Grant A awards assist the California students with tuition and fees at university colleges, and some occupational and career colleges. This award covers full amount of tuition fees.


There are two types of Cal Grant A awards are designed. They are


o Cal Grant A Entitlement Award


o Cal Grant A Competitive Award


2. Cal Grant B


Cal Grant B also offers tuition and fee assistance including a living allowance for low-income students. This is limited amount awards intended for books and living expenses. The award amounts for tuition and fees are the same as for Cal Grant A.


Here also two types of Cal Grant B awards are there.


o Cal Grant B Entitlement Award


o Cal Grant B Competitive Award


3. Cal Grant C


Cal Grant C awards provide financial assistance of tuition and training costs at vocational degrees. The award amount includes books, tools and equipment. Based on the length of the program, the award amount will be determined or the non California students.


4. Cal Grant T


The Cal Grant T award was designed to help post-baccalaureate students in persuading their California teaching degree. Eligible candidates of at approved colleges and universities of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) will receive tuition and fee assistance.


Apart from the above Financial Aid programmes, below are intended to both Residents and non residents of California:


1. California Chafee Grant Program is mainly intended for the eligible Foster Youth and Former Foster Youth.


2. Assumption Program of Loans for Education APPLE


The APPLE is a teacher incentive program intended to encourage outstanding students, district interns, and out-of-state teachers to become California teachers in subject areas where a critical teacher shortage has been identified or in designated schools meeting specific criteria established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.


3. Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program


The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program is a federally funded competitive program routed to promote student excellence and achievement. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence to recognize students who show promise of continued academic excellence.


4. Child Development Grant Program


The Child Development Grant Program (Program) is a need-based grant award designed to encourage students of children care and development center. To receive funding, students must sign a Service Commitment Agreement stating they will provide one year of full-time service in a licensed childrens center for each year they receive the grant.


5. State Nursing Assumption Program of Loans for Education (SNAPLE)


State Nursing Assumption Program of Loans for Education for Nursing Faculty (SNAPLE NF) is designed to the students to complete a graduate degree in California. The award amount limited to $25,000.00 over the 3 years full time academic course of nursing.


6. National Guard Assumption Program of Loans for Education (NGAPLE)


NGAPLE is established to provide assistance to the National Guard, the State Military Reserve in pursuivimh their vocational diploma program. It offers up to the amount of $11,000.00 on outstanding student loans for four consecutive years of service.


7. California National Guard Education Assistance Award Program (CNGEAP)


CNGEAP is a new program established to help nearly 1,000 Guard members of the California National Guard, State Military Reserve.


8. Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Grant Program (LEPD)


LEPD provides need-based educational grants to dependents and spouses of: California peace officers.


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