Financial aid checks

Once the college fees and books are paid, students receive balance of Financial Aid amount in the form of checks. These Financial Aid checks are sent through mails on the first day of the semester and bi-weekly thereafter. The student can find the status of Financial Aid check through his/her account. The student can also sign up for eRefund facility, where the repayment can directly deposit into the students checking or savings account. The student needs to keep update the current mailing address to reach in time to the student. Students also can change and/or view address information of Student Records.


External Scholarship Checks & Endorsement:


Generally, Financial Aid checks are mailed to the particular college Information and Service Center. The college information center will inform the student when they receive the Financial Aid check. The Cahiers Office Of a particular college is responsible for collecting payments, resolving account issues, issuing financial aid refunds and much more.


The Services provided include:


* Tuition Payments


* Tuition Refunds


* Online Tuition Payment Plan


The student should enclose the photo identification and an Attendance Verification Form signed by all the class instructors to submit the check before it released. Students should collect the Financial Aid Check within 14 days of issue, otherwise it will be canceled. Canceled Financial Aid checks can be reissued at a later date once attendance has been verified. The distance learning students who does not come to campus to attend class (es), also verified through "electronic attendance. Once the Financial Aid Office received electronic attendance document, a Financial Aid Staff person can initial the paper Verification Form to take to the Cashier's Office.


If the student meets below criteria he is eligible to avail Financial Aid Checks:


* The student has grant/scholarship awards for the semester.


* The applicant needs to enroll in the proper credit hours for which you were awarded a grant/scholarship.


* Should completed all coursework from prior semesters


* The students classes have started and should attend all classes.


* Should be in a program of study that is eligible for federal financial aid.


* Should maintain the standards as outlined in the procedures of satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility document.


* The students grant/Scholarship Awards should not more than their tuition and fees for the semester.


* The applicant must not be a first time borrower and should have attended the required loan entrance session.


* He/she should provide proof of having a current AZ address to Admission & Records with two forms of picture identification and address matches the AZ address on file with Admission & Records.


If any of the above information does not apply, then the Financial Aid Check may not be available for immediate disbursement.


Some of the facts about the Checks Disbursement:


* The checks are mailed directly from college cashiers office.


* If the student drops a class, check may be held for further review of eligibility.


* If the student has queries, check will be held.


* If the payment done by credit card, the credit card payment will be reimbursed first and then any balance will be mailed to the student.


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