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Stocks Market

Market involving trading of listed stocks and derivatives in exchange is known stock market.


1. How does stock market help in raising funds for an organization.

2. What is a stock market.

3. Who benefits from it.

4. Advantages of stock market.

5. How people make money through stock market

6. Types of trading

The source for raising funds for a concern or an organization is done through stock market and it is the major fund that each concern gets by trading in these markets. Each company raises an additional capital for their businesses by way of going to public for expansion and newly assigned projects.

These stock market provide liquidity for the investors and quickly access to buy and sell securities. These markets have the most attractive feature of investment, compared to other investments which generate lesser options to generate money. These markets give varieties of options to generate money for small investors to big shots through numerous ways like equity, intra day, future and options.

Real-time trading is processed through the exchange for the listed securities, facilitating smooth process. These markets are the indicators that show the economic boom for any country. It shows the positive and negative signs of any countrys economic growth whether one has to invest or not in them or not. Through these markets, many new industries from their host countries are ready to set up their own industries and generate revenue through this by investing in these markets.

The increase in the share prices in the market shows increased business turnover and investment and vice versa. These stocks become a source of income for many households and it may be useful to run a family. Nowadays, stock market behavior is controlled for smooth operation of trading functions to decrease the malpractices and fraud taking place and set up a board. These are governed by the rules and regulations of the governing board. All the countries have their own governing board for financial stability of the stock exchange and ultimately their country. Stock market operate through the stock exchanges who act as the clearinghouse for each transaction in which they collect and deliver the shares, and guarantee payment to the seller of a security.

Stock markets are the key areas for the indirect income for many people relating to different fields especially web sites relating to stocks, news

channels, and technical analysts, one who play an important role for trading in stock market, and so on. He analyzes each and every stock with many factors and releases their report showing their statistical growth. Transactions are maintained for stock market by the brokerage firm who generate lot of money through the investor and trader. Even the trader has to pay to the brokerage firm whether he loses or gain while trading in the stock market. In this way brokerage firms are beneficial.

Stock markets promote the production of goods, services and many employment opportunities for the developing nations. In this way,

it contributes to increased prosperity. Shares are issued in stock market to increase the demand of the company needs. First, the shares comes to the primary market through initial public offer in which a governing body of the country fixes a price band for company, the opening and closing dates of that issue. The issue will be given advertisement through hoardings and pamphlets. The offer will be subscribed by the general public when the issue opens and closes at the given dates. Then depending upon the number of times of subscription, the issue will be listed on the exchange which is known as secondary market, where the actual trading taking place.

There are many stock markets all over world. Each country maintains the exchange where stocks can be traded to generate the revenue for them. Stock market will have many exchanges depending upon the flow of money. Generally they are kept in major cities. These markets depend upon the economy of country. This factor makes any one, a small trader to fund manager trade the stock comfortably. Many foreign investors are the major investors who are the deciders of the stock market. Nowadays, markets are very volatile so one should be careful in investing huge amount in these shares. They make traders to gain or lose.

It is important that people know about the stock market and how would they make money by investing in it. Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis are the two basic approaches that help people understand about the stock they would invest in, and also how that investment would help them make money. When the companies are analyzed by their financial statements found in business trends, general economic conditions, and so on, it is known as fundamental analysis. The study of price actions in markets through the use of charts and quantitative techniques to attempt to forecast price trends regardless of the company's financial prospects is known as technical analysis.

Index method is another way many people would opt for investing. A weighted or un-weighted portfolio consisting of the entire stock market or some segment of the stock market is held by the investor in this method. Maximizing diversification, minimize taxes from too frequent trading, and ride the general trend of the stock market are targeted and aimed in this method. People, illegally get the inside information, and this type of trading is known as insider trading. In almost all the developed world stock markets, this method is considered illegal.

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