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Stocks online

The stocks that are available online are known as stock online.


1. Manual trading

2. Online stocks indicators of different colors

3. Stock online information

4. Calculations in stocks online

Online Trading:

In the past stocks were traded at the exchange. Investors use to line up in the exchange and use to raise hands and tell the broker to purchase a stock.

There was lot of excitement and chaos during the trading sessions in the market when there was no online trading of stocks. Sometimes miscommunication use to take place about the rates they have asked for buying or selling because of chaos which was prevailing during the market hours. The current trend of trading is done through online. Trader can have independent view of trading stocks when it is done in stock online. Recent technological advancements have led to the new form of doing business through the medium of online communication which has resulted in more participation in this business.

Online Screen exhibits the details of different kinds of the listed stocks. To get a better view and for our own convenience, we can manually arrange the different fields such as Name of the stock, last traded price, change in price, volume, high price for the day as well as the low price traded in the ascending or descending order by the operation of dragging and dropping to the positions required. Using the code of the stock or typing its name from the select ticker menu, we can add different portfolios or required ones to our folder. Colors used to indicate the change in price levels are as follows: Green, Red, and Yellow. Increase in price from the previous trading day is shown in green, decrease in price is shown in red, and yellow indicates no change from the previous levels.

Generally main board is displayed in white color, second board has the color of blue, and message board is displayed in brown color, red for suspended counter. Most of the brokerage companies come out with favorite stocks option along with utility option. One can choose popular stocks from this option and from the list editing of stocks can be done. To track the action of a chosen stock online to find out its trend, an option called stock tracker is available. The other information which is seen online constitute date of maturity, date of listing, price convertibility of loan stock which is listed, date is given for the release of bonds along with transferable subscription rights date, premium/discount of listed warrant by announcement date.

Online Information about the listed indices inclusive of all sectors is as follows; previous day's closing index, opening of the day's index, maximum points achieved at the share market. Minimum points touched at the trade market on the same day, the present index reading, Change of index (increase or decrease) updating of time at the index. The graphical charts of various sectors are shown online.

Online Information about the sectors is given briefly.

1) Total number of counters.

2) The counters which have traded in positive positions.

3) Display of the counters which are in negative direction.

4) The counters that do not have any kind of change from the previous day trading.

5) The counters in which no trading has taken place on that day.

6) The counters which are suspended from stock online. Market watch menu comprises of name of the equity, Bid quantity, Bid price, offer price, offer quantity, Total buy quantity, total sell quantity, upper circuit limit, and lower circuit limit are explicitly displayed.

Trading menu constitutes Equity order book, Equity trade

book, Derivative order book, Derivative trade book, Equity net position, Derivative net position. Equity order book & Derivative order book is for placing orders for buying and selling, number of shares bought or sold is displayed in equity trade book and derivative trade book. Account type, investment type, average is shown in Equity net position menu. Derivative net position menu displays Option type, strike price set, profit and loss margin, daily settled price, TMPL settled price, net price under this menu.

Some of the topics such as De-materialized account can be viewed during the trading session along with ledger summary, bill summary of equities as well as that of derivatives. Important announcements and updating of news about the stocks can be seen in this section. Obligation order History is given online to view Settlement number, settlement date, from date, to date, obligation type, action, pay are the sub titles which comes under this category. The change of location from old location to the new location of the companies, contact numbers and fax, administrative shuffle that has taken place, newly appointed chairman, MDs, secretarys and corporate announcement are also displayed on the online screen. The Initial public offer of the companies is notified with the range of price bands and their listing date in to the markets.

The calculations for options and derivatives are done by using Option calculator which gives the details of profits and loss with respect to buy or sell by taking into account of brokerage fee, clearing fees and stamp duty.

One can add and track the chosen stock online by using the option My Portfolio to see the transactions that had taken place during the trading sessions without actually doing the business. Various analyses done by different experts are done on the stocks and the reports are displayed in the research information section for ones viewing to get clear cut idea about the stocks. Important definitions about the trading terms are given so that one can understand what they mean exactly. Payment modes and ways for various accounts are given.


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