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Stocks Shares

Stocks Shares

Stock is the capital raised and issued in the form of shares.

1. Different types of stocks

2. Shares and its types

3. Analysis-two types

Stocks are most important tool for expansion and revamping for any company. They are recognized as means of minting money. Company allows the part of the ownership to be brought in to public in the form of shares. Stock is capital raised by the company through various forms such as shares, and bonds.

Stocks are of several types and generally classified as common stock, preferred stock, Dual class stock, treasury stock. Common stock are known as ordinary shares, and commonly held in a concern. They give rights to the Shareholders for voting rights in decision matters of the concern.

Preferred stock, are known as preference shares, as the name implies these have importance over common stock as in the case of dividends and assets allotment. They have voting rights in the issuance of new shares, to get the acceptance of possession of company, to elect the important positions in the company; however they are not a part of companys decision matters.

Dual class stock is whose shares having varying classes for a single concern. Moreover they have different rights on voting and payments of dividend. Stock shares of each kind have its own class of shareholders showing different rights.

Treasury stock are one which can bought back from the public .Treasury Stock are not outstanding.

Stocks have derivatives whose price is based on the price of the underlying stock. They are of two types, one is futures and another is options.

Futures and options are contracts in which trading depends on the contract maturity date and it ends at that date.

Stock shares show the value one is holding the particular company capital. Each company share value will be different from others. And the value depends how many of the shares, traders possess it .The value is calculated by the number of the shares and value of each share. This value shows traders stake part in the particular company stock.

Stocks and shares are related to each other and differ by when they express. Stock represents the capital and that comes out to the public through shares.

Advancement of trading through many trading technologies, researcher tools and readily available information on shares through various resources makes even a common man to invest in stocks and shares.

In one way Stocks Investment may be a risky play since it needs many things such thorough basic trading skills one has to do even for a smaller investments. They give a huge rate of return compare to banks and other financial firms. Traders should have the plan to invest in stocks and shares otherwise they would go in to loss by improper selection of the stocks at the wrong time.

Each stock are categorize in to sectors to which belong to. They are so many like energy, banking, cement, metal, financial sectors etc. These stocks have the value in the market that is market capitalization and with this value they are categorize to various caps; Large cap, Mid cap and Small cap

Other is cheapest stocks, highest yielding stocks, poor mans stock, medium stocks, distressed stocks and momentum stocks and so on.

Buying shares is done when particular stocks are listed in the stock exchanges where the buyer and seller do their trading. Buying and selling of shares involves a tedious process, but due to advancement of electronic trading system it has become an easy process. Stocks are brought through stock brokers who involved directly with the stock exchange. They are stocks of another country where trader can invest in them and are called International stocks.

Stocks price up and down movement and various factors and changes are analyzed and studied through fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Fundamental analyses the financial statements of the stock. This tells the companys quarterly results, sales and production and most of the traders look in to this before they invest in.

Technical Analysis gives the actual reports of the stock regardless of company financial strength through the usage of charts and quantitative techniques; this analysis attempt to forecast the future price of stock. It is best analysis of the stock to invest in because of more detailed research involved in it.

Each Stock in the market has value and is known as market indices and is read in percentage. The increase or decrease of the stock market is directly proportional to that value. So stocks having higher market indices play a major role in deciding the market strength. The strength may be negative or positive. The negative strength shows that the top and good stocks are moving down and down which is bad for the market. The positive strength shows the upward price movement of the stocks.

Each country maintains its own stock exchange and in that stocks of host countries can list and trade there.

Stocks are de-listed again in the market to increase the revenue and growth. Stocks when traded for one day are called stock day trading and involve lots of transaction. For each buy and sell of the shares there is a brokerage charged by the brokerage firm. Through stocks trading traders has to pay the service tax, income tax. Stocks can be traded and invested and depends upon the choice of the trader. Some choose to invest for long term. Stocks are traded by the professionals, part time traders, and fund managers. They have price history, background, and expansion and future plans reports.

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